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Tokyo Disney Resort Discussion Thread

p. 78 - TONS of new Fantasy Springs info!

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That's a little harsh...it does present itself as a fun photo op. Fence it off, strengthen the crates and open the area back up. Now the guy who got his arm stuck in MisAdventure Falls that one is stupidity, but that is also here in the States.

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^ But that's how great and FAST, Tokyo Disney is! There could have been a crack in the sides of a "box" (or more), that somebody told a cast member about, and Instant Fencing!...for now. I bet in some North American parks, stuff like that (like paint peeling, perhaps?), sits.... and sits ..... and so on ..... blah blah blah.


Sad to read they had to do it. Hopefully they'll put it back together real soon, and re-open the space with a few "new rules" posted. Maybe even station a cast member nearby to watch over it, when it's first re-opened.

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News from http://www.tdrexplorer.com on New Year's Food at Tokyo Disney Resort. Mainly in the Disney Hotels there, but also across both parks, as well as beyond New Year's, too...


Tokyo Disney Resort will celebrate New Year’s 2019 from January 1 to 6, 2019, with special decorations, entertainment, a host of Year of the Pig merchandise, and special food.


The limited-time menu includes a strawberry jelly dessert in both parks, an Afternoon Tea, and a selection of desserts at the resort hotels. There are special set meals at the Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Ambassador Hotels too.



Parfait Dessert

Available January 7 – March 20, 2019

Tick Tock Diner, Disney Ambassador Hotel

¥800 © Disney


Mickey Daruma Doll Bread

Tick Tock Diner, Disney Ambassador Hotel

¥950 © Disney

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^ From that popcorn cart photo, it's nice to see that a single box of the popcorn has only

increased by 50 Yen. From the time I was last there I'm pretty sure it was 300 Yen, in 2013.

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For any coffee drinkers out there...


http://www.tdrexplorer.com just posted a neat article on a coffee shop in Tokyo,

that does "3D Latte Art".




And here's what they led the article with...Elissa, you're probably not a coffee drinker (that I know of),

but of course I thought of you when I saw this.


You can bring in a photo or drawing, and for the extra Yen, they will duplicate it on your latte!

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Love my guys, but wow, very intrigued by the new popcorn flavor!


If it's Sriracha flavored....


Me too, that would be awesome! We've had a bottle of Sweet Chili Sauce around,

that has a good "tang" to it. But sriracha flavoured popcorn? I'm all for that, too!


A reminder of what the new Popcorn Shop is (hoping) going to look like in 2020,

between the Big Hero 6 Happy Ride and Beauty&Beast Mini-Land. (o;


Oooooooooooooooooo yes! And I do hope that this "Popcorn-Chandelier" will be there, too!

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^ Honestly, I'm sure that if they offered FastPasses on the app, every attraction with Fastpasses would probably be "sold out" that day, before anyone who doesn't have a cellphone (shock I know, we don't own them), and has to get the paper ones.


And with Japan's huge local population, that doesn't even count people visiting from overseas.

Which, at WDW, there is a huge number of gp from every where else in the world. In TDLR, we

(from overseas countries) are not the majority gp there.


I just don't see it happening there in TDLR. IMhO.

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Oh god, please no app Fastpass at TDL before I can get there. Just looking at the App right now for WDW for tomorrow at Hollywood Studios, there are no available fast passes for Aliens Swirling Saucers, TSM, Slinky, Tower or Rockin' Rollercoaster for a party of 2 all day. I would have to refresh for 30 minutes or more to find good times for those rides, and If I couldn't find Slinky my options would be 1. Arrive 70 minutes before opening and do Slinky First. 2. Wait 60-90 minutes while the park is open. 3. Keep staring at and refreshing the app tomorrow until some time that may or may not work with my plans becomes available 4. Potentially miss both fireworks shows and wait about 20-30 minutes when the park closes.


At Epcot: Frozen, Mission Space and Test Track are gone.

At MK: Big Thunder, Space, Enchanted Tales, Meet Mickey, Seven Dwarves are all out.

At DAK: No Pandora, Dinosaur, Kilamanjaro listed as available


MLK weekend obviously, but it's still just Friday.


At every other Disney park worldwide, I could show up at 8 or 8:30 tomorrow and get a fast-pass for anything I want, and probably get 4 other fast passes for the most popular attractions with the longest waits. I certainly have the option to keep refreshing the app and it's nice to get the fast-passes in the comfort on my chair at home, but gambling that the rides will become available is just such a grind, I'd much rather use phone time to play Pokemon Go or PlayDisney than stare at the app refreshing on every visit.

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Soaring: Fantastic Flights will officially open at Tokyo DisneySea on July 23rd, 2019!





Oriental Land Co., Ltd. announced that the new attraction, Soaring: Fantastic Flight, will open on July 23, 2019, at Tokyo DisneySea® Park.


Based on the popular attraction, Soarin’ Around the World, which has been enjoyed by Guests visiting the Disney parks outside of Japan, the attraction at Tokyo DisneySea will feature new scenes and visuals for an experience exclusive to the Park in Japan.


Soaring: Fantastic Flight is a flight motion-simulator attraction that will take Guests on a journey over famous landscapes of the world, while they experience the breezes and scents that match the various scenes. Guests of all ages can look forward to experiencing this attraction.


Attraction Facts

  • Ride Duration: About 5 minutes (main show)
  • Capacity: 87 persons per theater
  • Number of Theaters: 2
  • Investment Amount: About 18 billion yen
  • Disney FASTPASS®: Available
  • Height Requirement: Must be 102 cm or taller
  • Note: This attraction will be available for “Happy 15 Entry” – an exclusive privilege that allows early entry to the Parks for Guests staying at a Disney hotel.

Background Story

Nestled in the hills of Mediterranean Harbor, amidst the backdrop of an old-world Italian village, the Museum of Fantastic Flight is dedicated to humankind’s enduring dream of flying. Today, the museum celebrates Camellia Falco—a visionary

innovator in the fledgling field of aviation—with a special retrospective of her life.


A grand tour of the museum includes a magical visit from the spirit of Camellia and culminates with Guests boarding her latest and greatest achievement—a flying vehicle of her own design called the Dream Flyer. Guests soon experience what Camellia believed, that our imagination can propel us into the future and take us everywhere in the world we wish to go. And before Guests know it, their spirits are sent soaring.






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We were excited for this ride mainly because it would drop the lines for other attractions at DisneySea but with all of these details KT is now going to make us stand in line because A) she loves the SEA storyline and B) she loves birds of prey and C) this ride has both!

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We were excited for this ride mainly because it would drop the lines for other attractions at DisneySea but with all of these details KT is now going to make us stand in line because A) she loves the SEA storyline and B) she loves birds of prey and C) this ride has both!


The place will look spectacular in the closing hours of the evening, so..... a night time visit?

Yeah, I'm hoping it'll pull some of the crowds away, that Midway Mania and Tower get, all the time.


"Between Heaven (Tower) & Earth (Mania)"... Best Restrooms Anywhere!

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wow, this version of Soarin looks amazing.


so nice that Tokyo parks get the unique versions. . . and hope that if they take off, someday USA parks will get a version of them. But until then, even more reasons to make a trip to DisneySea (as if there weren't enough already!).

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^ .... and Hong Kong Disneyland and Shanghai Disneyland, too. Make it a Disney Asia Adventure!

(I am hoping we can pull some kind of crazy amazing trip like this off, by the time Nov.2025 rolls around.)


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I'm curious as to what the new scene(s) will be. One of the nice things about the current ride film is that the last scene is based on the ride location, so at the very least guests will probably fly back into the Tokyo Disney resort.


Considering that the story describes that they can fly "into the future", I'd bet that most of the modern-day scenes (like Sydney and Paris) will remain.

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^ http://www.tdrexplorer.com explains....


Soaring: Fantastic Flight takes guests on a flight around the world, visiting famous landmarks and areas of natural beauty. The latest announcement confirms that this version will have a scene unique to Tokyo Disney Resort. While the new poster features the Pyramids, Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal.


This is a huge launch for Tokyo DisneySea and the ride could prove as popular as Toy Story Mania! Luckily, this will be a FastPass attraction and is included in the “Happy 15” early entry for Disney Hotel guests.


Soaring: Fantastic Flight will have two theatres and the main ride time will be 5 minutes, with a capacity of 87 people per ride. Guests under 102cm will be unable to ride.


Location and Story (Spoilers!):


Soaring: Fantastic Flight is located in the Museum of Fantastic Flight on the Mediterranean Harbor Hill. The new area celebrates the wonders of flight and the life of Camellia Falco, a woman passionate about flying and exploration.


Guests will tour the museum and visit a gallery honoring Camellia’s achievements. Here they will encounter Camelia’s spirit and hear about her inventions. From there, guests board Camellia’s flying invention “the Dream Flyer” and through the power of imagination travel into the future and around the world!


This story fits so well with DisneySea’s themes of exploration and invention and we cannot wait to experience it. Maybe Camellia might turn out to be a secret member of S.E.A.


Edit: It’s been confirmed that Camellia Falco is a member of S.E.A., as seen in an exhibit in Tropical Hideaway at Disneyland Resort.


The story also gives the attraction a unique twist which will make it stand out from the other Soarin’ rides in Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World and Shanghai Disneyland.


(EDIT: I want to marry DisneySea!)

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