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  1. I thought Tiana cooked & went on to open a great restaurant? Apparently that doesn't keep her busy enough so she's leading bayou adventures now! LOL No one goes "OMG that Song of the South" gasp! It was from the 1940's, and I don't think I know one person that would say oh yea I know that movie. Let's do a half baked overlay to appease the woke. A proper, brand new Tiana experience would have shown more commitment; whether that was a restaurant or ride than an overlay in FRONTIER TOWN (at wdw) in my opinion. Oh and everyone will continue to call it Splash Mountain. So there's that too.
  2. I watched a few of the Orlando bloggers ride this; and I thought the seating position for some of the larger riders looked questionable. Not an engineer but in my opinion having that belt between your legs helps a lot with rider confidence as well as keeping ride operators mindful to rider size issues. I will not watch that video. My thoughts are with the family.
  3. Would’ve been perfect timing to replace Hooks Lagoon with a rebrand. Still won’t be back until they do.
  4. That's a little harsh...it does present itself as a fun photo op. Fence it off, strengthen the crates and open the area back up. Now the guy who got his arm stuck in MisAdventure Falls that one is stupidity, but that is also here in the States.
  5. Tantrum is looking good. The orange and green maybe really isn't THAT bad. The black top is disappointing. I'm going to take the year off from DL. In my opinion Hooks Lagoon is most in need of a repair, more ideally a replacement. Even with our short seasons the waterpark draws and holds the people. I don't know how Hooks passes inspection. It really is that bad.
  6. Are they really going to go with that horrendous orange and green carrot combination?
  7. People on Darien Lake’s FB page be like, “$54.99 for a season pass? You should have a family season pass deal, you just keep pricing everyone out. My family can no longer afford to visit, and $1.50 refills with my free cup that’s just outrageous”. Meanwhile I just dropped $1300 on 5 day park hoppers for Disney. And I know it’s a horse of a different color and that I’m fortunate to be able to do so for my family but the people come out in droves to chastise this park on value. At even $65.99 Darien Lake is a great value for a seasons worth of entertainment. With It’s shortcomings and all.
  8. There's not much to say besides Dear Lord I loved these coasters when I first visited IOA in my early teens. I don't think I've been on them since around 2012 but they were just as good then. When they dueled they were MEMORABLE, highlight of vacation type of shit.
  9. I did notice some construction to the side of the show building next to Viper. I was in the back concert parking grass, not inside the park. Some markers and moved dirt. Most likely not for anything exciting, but I thought I'd share.
  10. I don't think you'll need a game plan. Hit ROS, Predator, and Viper for sure. For food I always like the taco stand near Viper. I enjoy the waterpark over the dry side these days but that's up to you with a tight time line.
  11. I had a morning obligation so got to the park around noon. Had to pay for parking and have it reimbursed because I wanted to buy the pass there. I was greeted with that line...75-100 people deep. With young kids in the car and work in a few hours I couldn't wait in that line. Off to guest services where I had to wait 20 minutes (with only 4 people ahead of me) to buy my pass and get reimbursed. What a waste of gas and effort. My transaction took about 3 minutes. What do people need at guest services that it takes 10-15 minutes? Sheesh. The nice girl at the window did say though that they may be extending the extra friend pass benefits to next weekend but don't hold her to it. My fault for sticking a round peg in a square hole. You win some and you lose some.
  12. With the leaks with Gatekeeper and Valravn I feel like this is Cedar Point saying, "see we can keep things secret if we want to, we'll even build it right in front of your face and still keep it under wraps!" Looking forward to the announcement.
  13. Motocoaster still closed as of yesterday. Viper tried to snap my neck going into the batwing element in the last row.
  14. I would like to say that Hooks Lagoon is in total disrepair. I remember it in its glory when I was a child. I can't believe it is even still open. Countless water features not working, bucket gone, slide gone and space boarded over, faux palms falling apart, exposed cables that should be wrapped with rope, etc. The water park additions have all been really nice, and the popularity is there. They need to replace this with a new water play area. I actually think they should do that before building a new coaster.
  15. Condolences to the family, so terrible. Is a slide like this even necessary? What is the airtime like on this? Highly variable based on weight? 400-550 is a good range. Can you hold on alone or do your hands get ripped from the handles and the restraint end up doing a good bit of work? Lastly, what is that netting made of? I guess at those speeds brushing any material could cause injury, but a decapitation I don't even want to imagine happening.
  16. I think stating there are no plans to purchase a second train for RoS is a standard PR statement. This way they are not making any promises and if plans do fall through (whether such plans exist) they won't receive as much of a backlash.
  17. I figured the launch wouldn't kick in until the whole train was on the lift, but this thing kind of guns it right out of the gate.....
  18. The helixes are a real snooze IMO. I don't terribly mind the straight-away because to me it actually emphasizes the following airtime hill.
  19. Went on ROS yesterday. It was a one to two train wait. I was probably the 5th cart from the back second row. Being right at the height max (which is dumb) my one knee pretty much touches the bulky black plastic, and the train rattled to all hell. Knee took some pretty good vibrations but it was manageable. Will have to ride in the front of each cart for now on. Got some good airtime. Not one to complain about a steel coaster being rough but with a new train I'm surprised at how much it rattled. You can hear the vibrations the entire time. Maybe they need to change out the wheels to a different material. There are different running wheels correct?
  20. I thought the whole purpose of the twist on TTD was to create forces to keep you in your seat having the lap bar only. I find the drop on Millennium Force much more thrilling than on TTD. Its just a blur on TTD with that twist. I fully support the drop on this coaster, just notso sure about the track following it.
  21. Very interested in how that corkscrew to helix is going to ride. It looks like there will be some hang time there depending on the speed of the train of course.
  22. Speaking of restraints, is this the first use of this lap bar only design and an inversion for Intamin?
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