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Where in the world ARE Robb & Elissa?

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I bet Robb is just using his hardXcore photoshoppe skills to throw as all off.


yeah...until he got 0wned when Wes pulled the original thumbnail from those 2 pictures.


I really can't claim to be that awesome. Robb just didn't have the Photoshop setting to create a Mac thumbnail on.



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I just stumbled upon this and I have to say this is the best TR ever!! And yes, I have to agree with Elissa's mom, those clues are just horrible, but they definitely took everyone in different directions. So in that sense, they did do the trick. Props to all who were able to figure some things out, because I could never do it. Keep 'em coming, R & E.

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So "Where in the world ARE Robb & Elissa?"




For those of you who said the Idlewild/Kennywood/PA area....you were RIGHT!!!!!




















Just kidding! We were really in Denver! So "Denver" was the correct answer, yes "Denver." So if you guessed Denver, reach into your pocket and give yourself some fluff! And to USRoadTripper you were the first one that I can tell that could really 'confirm' our location....I hope you didn't call TOO many Carrabba's! And Twister II is also a winner for actually hunting us down and finding us! It was cool hanging out with you today.


Ok, so I guess some people want to know what the clues meant? Ok, here goes....


First off all this was all Elissa's idea, so if you want to throw stones at someone after reading the clues, direct them at her! Second, I originally said "Where IS Robb & Elissa...." as a throwback to the old Carmen Sandiego title.....


Ok, the clues....


Clue #1 - "Boston" - Our hotel was located right next to the Boston Market corporate headquarters.


First set of photos:



Photo #1 - Door of the bathroom in the airport. Elissa took this one while she was doing her business. No idea why, but it's the photo that started it all!


Photo #2 - The Saltines came with the bowl of Chili that I had in the terminal.


Photo #3 - That's us on the plane to Denver (it was indeed an American flight using TWA equipment)


Photo #4 - See #3


Photo #5 - The bunny was on the lawn of the rental car place. Yeah, I know obscure, but oh well!


Clue #2 - "Tea" We went to the Celestial Seaonings factory to take the tour!


Second set of photos:



Photo #6 - The water was the bumperboat lake (and I mean LAKE because it was huge with only FOUR bumper boats!


Photo #7 - The arcade in the Pizza Hut (yes there is a Carrabba's down the road and we chose Pizza Hut instead!)


Photo #8 - Watch your step photo was from the ski lift at Winter Park that we had to take to ride the GIANT mile long Alpine Slide!


Photo #9 - Sweetened with Sugar sign (originally taken for Dan) but was on the tea dispenser at Celestial Seasonings.


Photo #10 - Idlewild sign to some campground or something just to throw people off (but it actually DID help!)


Photo #11 - The fortune cookie actually means NOTHING!!!! MWHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! (but I LOVED to see everyone trying to extract clues from it!)


Photo #12 - The two toilets, well, that was what the inside of the women's bathroom at Pizza Hut looked like (I have no idea why Elissa has a toilet photo taking fetish, but she does!)


Clue #3 - "vacation" because at Water World they had an area called "Wally World" and a ride called the "Screaming Mimi!"




Photo #13 - Flowers from Water World. Figured we could throw people off by thinking we went somewhere with "nature" but then again, why would we do that?!?!


Photos #14 - Clear tubes at Water World (which, BTW is one of the best water parks we've been too! It's like what we felt Schlitterbahn SHOULD have been!)


Photos #15 - A photo of us in about the ONLY corner of Water World where you can't see slides in the background!


Photo #16 - Random high voltage sign at Water World.


Photo #17 - Yes, another Pizza Hut! What is happening to us that we have Carrabba's within reach, but those breadsticks at Pizza Hut were calling our name!


Photo #18 - Yeah...um...Pizza


Photo #19 - Robb & More food...at Water World! And probably the FIRST photo that ACTUALLY gave you all some sort of real clue as to where we were! (loved all the CSI type activity trying to figure out this photo!)


Clue #4 - The Shawshank Redemption was on while we were typing the post (yeah, I know....it's not really a clue....but oh well!)




Photo #20 - Yay! We finally made it to Carrabba's!!!


Photo #21 - We figured this would be a dead giveaway, and it was, but not without some reasearch and making some calls!


Photo #22 - Elissa eating pizza wasn't a dead giveaway at all. In fact, it meant nothing to the whole thread what so ever!!!


And finally, the last clue "bubble gum" meant absolutely NOTHING!!! It was just the first word that popped into my head! (Ok, so *I* found that funny!)


So, now onto a few photos from the actual places we went! (There will be full photo update on the main site soon!)


Where in the world are Robb & Elissa? We're in Denver, Colorado! We hope you liked playing this little game with us! Would you like us to do this again sometime?


The 50's throwback art deco look of Lakeside Park.


Just enjoying all the complimentary tea you can drink at Celestial Seasonings!


Winter Park Ski Resort has quite the awesome Alpine Slide!


Wow, this looks a lot like Six Flags Magic Mountain! And no surprise, the Sky Tower is closed!

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I actually only called the one Carrabbas after you nixed the first one I posted! I searched for that guy on 411.com and found a home address, then looked for nearby Carrabbas. There were only three, so I assumed it was the closest to his home, but was actually the third closest. So thewhole search probably didn't take 5 minutes.

And I can't believe I was wrong about the Idlewild bar. The interior of the plane you were on matched almost exactly the photos I found of the inside of the bar. The name matched, the area code matched, and it was an area that had coasters if it was a coaster trip.



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Yeah.. I wasted like an hour of my life this weekend trying to figure out meaningless clues! Weak!


I was at Lakeside back in May. Neat place. Definately has some scary rides. Like the ride that was shut down because there was a electric line pole sitting in the middle of it. I think it was gangs get in for free night when we were there too.. :? But the Cyclone... WOW.. I wasnt sure what to think looking at it.. sort of like staring at the coaster at Williams Grove.. but it was great.



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Damn... They were even hinting at this earlier in the year... Of course I was away this weekend... Damn I would have loved to say hi...


BTW when you guys gonna post some pics and some reviews? I want to know what you guys thought of WaterWorld. BTW which exact corner of WaterWorld was that... I know several that you can actually not see rides from. You guys really should have done a shot up at the corner by Voyage where you can see the school.

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Dang, I thought I was so close!


My guesses were they were in:

1.) Dan's hair

2.) The Jew's glasses

3.) Dan's backpack that he carried throughout Europe

4.) Gregg's butt crack

5.) Dave's belly button


Dang it!

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