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Where in the world ARE Robb & Elissa?

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Hey everyone!


Time for a fun little Theme Park Review game! You remember "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego" right? Well, this time, we will play the role of Carmen!


It's Labor Day weekend and Elissa and I have taken off on our super-secret "no one knows where we are" long weekend trip, and everyday we will post photos and hints as to where we are.


The first person to guess where we're at gets a cool prize!


Ready for today's hint? The hint is "Boston."


And here are some photos taken from our adventures today and remember all of these photos were taken TODAY and every one is a clue as to where we're currently at!


Have fun guessing!


There were bunnies at one of our stops today. What kind of place would have bunnies???


TWA? I thought they were out of business?


If we're on an airplane we must have flown somewhere....or did we? And is this even an airplane?


Someplace we were at today had saltines! We'll save these for the next time Elissa's mom goes on Mission: Space!


This is a familiar sight but where could it be?

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I'm guessing thats the bathroom at the airport. IDK which one it is tho because it looks to clean to be Burbank, LAX or Ontario.


The crackers were part of your in-flight meal (or it could have been your in-flight meal).


You on the plane.


Looks like an old baggage cart.


A bunny rabbit. On some grass, outside.

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Ok here is a long shot....could Robb and Elissa be on or at a film set somewhere in the states. You would not think that it would be international as they do not have that much time.


And if TWA went out of buisness (a little help anyone with this info) which company bought them out?


My guess is that they are trying out for Survivor: Petting Farm. Just a thought....



Edit : I'll take a guess that Robb and Elissa are extra's on a movie/telemovie about TWA Flight 800. Just a guess......

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Ok i'll guess your somewhere by Mojave Airport? because I think thats where the old fleet of TWA planes are standing. I also think they make some films/tv shows there, so perhaps you have been invited to along to watch something get made? I have no idea about any of the other clues lol

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The only thing I could think of when I saw that bunny was Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge because when Herb and I went on our honeymoon there, 10+ years ago, they had these places called "Bunny Golf" where you played putt-putt golf among these cute little (and very hungry on a weekday) bunnies. One even jumped out to stop my ball from rolling down the hill. I swear! I have video.


Damn PETA people probably got it shut down, though, 'cause they were gone last time we were there.


Nonetheless, I am going to say Gatlinburg/Dollywood.


Shari "But I am sure I am wrong" Shoufler

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Ok, after looking at my first thoughts, I have had a rethink about all the clues.


We have the clue "Boston", a picture of an airplane(TWA), a picture of a bunny, some Saltines, and a door.


The airplane, we know now could be used by another airline, and the Saltines could tie in with the plane flight, if indeed there was one.


Take the clue "Boston" and the picture of the bunny and that leads to a couple of thoughts. The Boston tea party combined with the picture of the bunny, could lead to a "Alice in Wonderland" area at a park. The Saltines could also help, not so much about the Salt, but that some people might call them crackers. Most of the people in Alice in Wonderland were crackers.


This is all I could come up with at this time of the night, I only hope that I have been able to help someone with this...

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"Are we even on a plane?"


Well, they could always be on a really curved train.


My guess is, they're at Grand Floridian Resort in Disney World. Why? Robb mentions Mission: Space when holding the crackers. Second, regarding the "Boston" comment: I take it to be the Boston Tea Party. Now, at the Grand Floridian, you can have a tea party/ character breakfast with characters from Alice in Wonderland. The only other evidence I would need is if that rabbit was white and had a pocketwatch.

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