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Where in the world ARE Robb & Elissa?

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The Children's Museum in Boston is right across the channel from the replica Boston Tea Party ship, the Beaver Brig (seriously, that's the name), but most of that other stuff doesn't seem to fit in. They did have a totally cool rollercoaster display involving bowling balls travelling through a looping track when I was a kid, though I don't know if it's still in there.


Chris B

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It could be my area code too! 17327! I'll keep some sort of weapon very close to my bed tonite...


Anyways, Baltimore has water.. the Inner Harbor.. which has the USS Constellation which is an old war ship.. But why they would fly in somewhere around Idlewild and drive there is beyond me. Unless they are hitting parks really quickly going to wherever they are going.


I dont think the clues could be THAT hidden though.. unless Robb and Elissa have a lot of time to be coming up with some very useless knowlegde like where saltines are made or where TWA's old hubs were..


This is really fun, but I'm dying to know what we're missing..

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New York's JFK airport used to be called Idlewild.. and there is a separate TWA terminal at JFK/Idlewild... TWA planes have curvy ceilings (at least from the pictures I saw..) is this like that one Tom Hanks movie?


eh i dont know, thats all i got from it.

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There is an Idlewild Lodge RV Park in Florida, so that could be the sign they passed, because aren't those types of signs brown? Its in Lake Panoffskee FL, which could hint at the water picture up there, and you guys could have gone to BGT in Tampa, and then over to Orlando.

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I'm going to take a stab in the dark, but I think R&E are at the Idlewild Lodge on Lake Panasoffkee in Florida. I bet they are visiting Elissa's parents. I guess they like tea and are from Boston. Most Floridians are from up north. The most common accent in FL is not southern, but Brooklyn. The dueling toilets look like they're from a campground. The fortune cookie hint is probably not the numbers, but the message itself of you have a good sense of humor. R&E are always doing something silly. The blob on the water photo looks like a tree.


Otherwise, I think they flew on Oceanic Air and crashed landed on the "Lost" island.

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I pulled the water picture onto my computer to see if I could find anything by adjusting the brightness and contrast, and when I did, it seems the original image that Robb cropped the water from was still visible in its icon's thumbnail. I pulled the rest off to see if any more were like that, and the Idlewild one is too. This is the largest they'll go in OSX.


So blue bumper boats...hmmm...


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