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1,000,000 Posts on TPR's Forums!

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Top Posters In This Topic

Congrats Robb and Elissa! And may your next million be even more orgiastic.


So am I post #1,000,000?


"Yay! I won!"

("No Ralph, you did not win. This means you're failing English.")

("Me fail English? That's unpossible.")

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I find it funny that NPN has a million unique visitors around the same time TPR has a million posts.

Yeah, that's funny.... We'll actually hit 1 million unique visitors for 2011 sometime this month as well. But we get between 2-3 million every year. (2010 we had 2.8 million unique visitors...)

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Anyways, in a more coaster related post: Went to KI today. Was pretty awesome even though the park was a bit crowded for Mother's day. Vortex officially has a squeaky train now...someone better grease that thing up!

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