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1,000,000 Posts on TPR's Forums!

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Congrats to PAL!


Your live weasel and tube of toothpaste will be in the mail to your shortly. Unfortunately, we cannot afford express shipping for the weasel, so it will most likely arrive dead. But it was the thought that counts, right?*


Below was the magical 1,000,000th post:

The momentum is picking up! Congratulations TPR!





























*no weasel will really be mailed out, but we might send PAL a bag-o-crap or at least the tube of toothpaste.

Edited by robbalvey
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Dead weasels are better anyway! Ah, to be memorialized for such brilliance.


The occasion inspired me to raise my post count by a good 10%. Most of the flurry were slightly better than the 1,000,000th post.


Edit: Oh noes, I didn't read the fine print. Tube of toothpaste, check.

Edited by PAL
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Ha. I was within one minute, and two posts in this thread, of the winning post. And I wasn't even trying very hard, although I will admit I got a bit excited about the whole affair in the final moments. Congratulations, PAL!

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Congratulations not only to PAL but to Robb and Elissa as well.


This site has come CRAZY far since when I first joined and I love posting here, were(the more frequent posters) a pretty tight and awesome group... for example I know most if not all of the common chatters by name. Congrats guys... your once "photo forum" has not only expanded into a succesful coaster club/business, the largest coaster forum ON THE INTERNET, but also an awesome group of guys and gals who I've had the pleasure of meeting over the years.


The Congrats Ghost

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Way to go TPR! That's a great accomplishment.


Robb you stated that you have around 3 million hits a year on TPR. I know you guys don't do pop-up ads Etc..., but if you did (like Screamscape) how much revenue would that bring in??? (By the way I love Screamscape and visit them often)


It's amazing that TPR avoids all those forms of ad revenue. I have never 'used' my TPR membership, but I'll renew it every year if it helps the site. (You provide an amazing service to themepark fans)


This site only gets better with time!

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Robb you stated that you have around 3 million hits a year on TPR.

Not hits, but "unique visitors." As for ads and stuff - I'm actually trying out a few things on the Park Index and Coastertube. I actually am really against ads, but the reality of the site growing and needing to help pay for itself is starting to come true. I'll never to "annoying" ads. I just can't stand them, and well, as we learned in The Social Network, ads aren't cool. But even Facebook now manages to do them, and do them so they aren't intrusive. And that's my same philosophy about it.


I'm not sure I ever want ads on the front page of the site or in the forum, but you never know. I went 16 years without them, and I wish I didn't have to entertain the option, but server fees don't keep getting cheaper!


--Robb "Thanks for your support!" Alvey

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^Well Robb if you had to do advertisements, thats life, I'll still log on every day of the week.


Your site provides information and entertainment in hugh quantities! I imagine the cost of running a site like this is high, so whatever you need to do, I would support. (As would many others)


This site is great! The future looks bright!

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