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  1. This. Congratulations to those people! Also, I didn't think that was quite as strange as your closing comments would lead most to believe. I've been reading TPR TRs for close to a year, have I become desensitized to the weird? Anyway, nice TR, mostly due to the fact that there are so many Cedar Point TRs; it's nice to see one glued together with other cool things in the area.
  2. Wow, what a fantastic time to decide to post... 66 to go... *Hit refresh on the index several times to make sure count was correct*
  3. It's in a new location and the arcade was built around it, so the answer to your question is yes.
  4. I spent a couple hours in Adventureland today, as opening weekend is finally here. I didn't do much riding today because it was still pretty cool outside. Still, with lower-than-hoped-for temperatures we managed to have a great day. The only pictures I'm going to be posting now will be from the new Main Street, as well a couple random shots. I will continue to update this as the season goes on, and add more pictures. New Main Street Part 1 New Main Street Part 2 New Main Street Part 3... HOLY CRAP THERE'S A TIGER IN THERE! Wouldn't a commercial bank have a real name? Hmmm... Nope. I don't believe you. Who puts a Breakdance in an arcade?! I couldn't quite comprehend why they would build a whole new street opposite this old and busted ice cream shop. Just needs new paint! I don't know what this means at all... Obligatory giant pig shot. Look at dem pelicangs land!
  5. Great idea! I personally have always wanted to see all the Hidden Mickeys, but I haven't been to WDW in a while. I definitely will be following this TR.
  6. Great photos for a cool-looking ride. There is a lot more theming there than I thought. I'm not too terribly worried about it not going into the mouth because it doesn't go underground, it would look kinda stupid going into the mouth and just coming out...
  7. That's what back hair plastered to a seat looks like.
  8. I've built a few K'NEX models over the years, but nothing other than what I could find a tutorial online for. This thing is awesome. Liked.
  9. I agree with everything here. Seriously, I mean, why does it have to have the freaking OTSRs? I would be willing to ride it again if they got new trains, but otherwise it's the only coaster I refuse to ride and wish to be destroyed.
  10. This. And they don't even try to cover that up. They even bring attention to the Green Lantern logo...
  11. 1. Boomerang 2. Batman: The Ride 3. Corkscrew 4. Mind Eraser 5. Big Apple I'll call it: Hollywood Remake Park. All of these will be named after movies with (multiple) remakes. But for a serious answer: 1. Expedition GeForce 2. Blue Fire 3. Goliath (Walibi Holland) 4. Balder 5. Joris en de Draak Name: Closer Than Europe. Put it somewhere in Texas.
  12. Same, but I've been here a lot less time than you.
  13. AWESOME! I just read this entire topic, this being my first time seeing it, and well, awesome is all I could come up with. I stuck around mostly just because I'd like to see this fun looking/sounding ride in action. If you can manage to get this ride functional, that would be perhaps the greatest thing I'd ever seen as far as amusement rides are concerned. Keep going, I'll be patient, but you've got me very excited about this now...
  14. Thanks for sharing, this type of festival is pretty awesome. So many food trucks... *drools* I live in an area with a large Hispanic population, so at least in my area, there are tons of Mexican food trucks at any given time. I just can't really visit them at night as they happen to generally be in pretty bad parts of town.
  15. My primary browser is Firefox, so that's the one I tested first. The page seemed to be loading line by line. It took about 40 seconds for the status bar to finally read "Done". I load the page in Chrome in about 18 seconds, all as one page and just needs to load the ratings images. I got about the same 18 seconds result with Internet Explorer 8. My internet is generally pretty slow, but there shouldn't be that big of a gap depending on which browser I use.
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