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The "Say Something Random" Thread

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^^Yea he's great. If you listened to their older stuff, its all him screaming. And back then, he was horrible at singing too. I'm glad he got that voice coach and I'm glad they decided to go all-singing for City of Evil.


Watching the So Far Away video for the third time, still tear up a bit each time. So sad. I also think its cool that Synyster Gates' custom guitar was modified to now read "REV'" under the strings where it used to say "Syn."

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^ Yep. Cats happen. 😻 Came back a couple of hours ago, from getting my first vaccine shot. And so far ..... no growing scales or fur, losing hair, eyesight's fine ..... doo dah.

One of my brother's go-to exclamations is "Cheese and Crackers." So for the past week, I've had a wrapped present in the fridge for him. Inside: a box of Ritz crackers and a chunk of mild cheddar chee

Age of Empires 3 Definitive Edition is the best game!!!

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I watched several shows for the first time this week.


+ South Park - LOVED it. It's incredibly dumb, while still being one of the most clever, original shows I've seen in a long time.

+ Futurama - Again, I loved it. For pretty much the same reasons.

+ Tosh.0 - Meh. The clips that Daniel Tosh brings onto his show, those are usually pretty funny. Daniel Tosh, on the other hand, is not funny.

+ That 70's Show - ...How did this show get any following whatsoever? Yeah, I guess there are some likeable characters, but this is one of the most painfully unfunny non-family-sitcom (I'm looking at you, Full House) shows I've ever seen. The jokes weren't funny, the laugh track was way too constant and came up at full blast occasionally when a line doesn't even seem to be intended to be funny... Maybe I just don't get it, but I didn't enjoy the show at all.

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My dog just barfed a large amount of a transparent, slimy substance with grass in it ._.


I don't think I should be concerned though, she probably drank too much water and her body rejected the grass.

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I found the funniest thing ever in Left 4 Dead 2's new beta campaign, Cold Stream.


In the safe rooms, there are always messages scribbled on the walls from previous "survivors" that came through before you. These usually point you in the right direction, say goodbye to loved ones, leave a will of some sort, that kind of thing. But one of the safe rooms in the new campaign had something that threw me for a loop.


Scrawled on the wall is "WE ARE THE REAL MONSTERS". Under it, a dozen or so messages say "No, you idiot, the zombies are!", or "NO WE AREN'T DUMBA$$", or "Shut up, they're killing us!". I lol'd hard.

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Ah, yes....not only am I not looking forward to work...I'm not looking forward to this mornings traffic:


http://www.sigalert.com/map.asp?Region= ... os+Angeles


Wow...thats a lot of traffic advisories...

Thats why I prefer Maine traffic...two cars, a tractor, and a moose.


Craiggers "CT Traffic sucks also" K.



you don't commute from Bridgeport to New Haven on i-95 in CT every day, East Granby traffic is nothing compared to the southern CT corridor.


Route 15 at night takes 15 minutes to get home, but the commute to class is upwards of an hour. on 95 it is worse.


Though LA Traffic is just some of the worst I've seen since Sicilian Rush Hour.

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Yay, finally finished with part 1 of 1984.


I am LOVING this book. Which is funny, because I've heard that part 1 is an absolute snoozefest, and then it picks up soon after... I'm sucked in, I'm enthralled even when nothing is going on. I'm just a sucker for books, movies, etc. that give you a whole new world to understand.

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