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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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Ever since I added Cave Johnson (of Portal 2 fame) as a friend on Facebook, some rather strange characters have popped up in my People You May Know box on the site.


People like Chell, Caroline, the Space/Adventure/Fact spheres, Weighted Storage Cube... It's weird.

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I convinced my friend(who is terrified of heights) to face his fear and go on the ferris wheel @ DCA. We were in a group of 3(swinging side) and he was already sorta freaking out and starting to blatantly cuss... saying things like why the f### are we doing this, but he said it VERY quietly cause there was a lady behind us with a 2 year old. We get seated and unluckily for him the mom gets on with her 2 year old daughter. We went up and started to swing, and as soon as we started swinging it was SOOOOO funny, he wanted to cuss and yell, but he couldn't cause the girl was semi freaked out as well and would have burst into tears if not for her mother. It might hav been a "you had to be there" situation, but my friend was somehow silently having a panic attack, and it was hilarious to everyone in the ferris wheel. The end was also REALLY funny cause the girls mom was like "See you made it." We thought she was talking to her daughter... but she was talking to my friend... SOOOOOOO FUNNY!

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^^ Theres a(at least I've found) a natural "law" where you will do pretty much anything to make sure really little kids have a good time. Like I said, he was FLIPPING OUT, but after the ride he said "I wanted to freak out, but it would have ruined my entire day if I made her cry" which pretty much every decent person feels. It's 100% true... especially @ Disney.


^ I miss Rex! Star Tours 2 is cool though!

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