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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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Don't you hate it when all your friends make dead baby jokes all the time, and then you decide to make an obviously sarcastic comment in the same vein and they suddenly get serious and call you sick?


Yeah. Not fun.


That's a shame. No judgement here, though; I love dead baby jokes AND taking things too far through sarcasm!

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Why do people feel the need to always end a post or message with "Sent from my Iphone/Ipad"? Does your Iphone have any magic powers that made the message so special that they feel the need to tell everyone where they sent it from? I don't get it.


Sent from my Imac.

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Since people tend to write shorter messages on mobile devices, having "Sent from a Blackberry/iPhone" lets the recipient know why the message isn't as fleshed out as an email sent from a typical computer.

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I am in the process of writing a horror/suspense/action/thriller story. I am almost done writing the first chapter and am typing it now. Hopefully I will follow through on this unlike the last 2 attempts of writing a story. I also hope to eventually get it published.

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