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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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Hi everyone,


I'm a french student living close to Paris and I'm currently in a school of engineering. I was wondering if someone here learn French and would like to improve the langage with me (by mail, msn or skype...). I need (and I want!) to improve my english in return, so I thought it could be better to ask to a CoasterFan, at least one thing in common


Have a good day !

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^Your English is better than most of the people that have English as their first language. No joke.


I wouldn't worry about it here-people use common sense and don't say,"Uhh...I tink u ned 2 work on ur english mor...I cant red it." (HINT: That was very VERY poor English!). In fact, most everyone uses correct English-if they don't they get hit with the ban hammer. Granted, exceptions in spelling and grammar are given to non-native speakers.


I'm learning French myself-but I'm only going to be in French II this fall, so that would mostly be a burden on your part.

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I decided to go out for an hour last night with my telescope to do so Milky Way observing. I wasn't really looking for anything however as soon as I swung the scope skyward I found a globular cluster. Turns out it was M13. This is generally exciting because it is the first time I've just stumbled across an object like that, normally finding these things requires me to make a plan and then spend some significant time hunting the object down. This one was at complete random!

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