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  1. You forgot SFOG's Goliath...but that's a closer call. I think the connections between track and support need to be smaller. Otherwise, things that can be fixed now are fine, although there are a few iffy transitions. You're probably not going to go back and redo all the work to fix them, so why expect you to? I'll take it as is and leave it at that.
  2. I don't believe you actually can. Most recreations you see of the Arrow shuttles on Youtube is through editing. Perhaps the simplest way is to have the reverse track not actually reverse at all, but to have it at a slight incline, wherein it only the rear half is inclined but just enough to get it down from the platform. Then have invisible LIMs at the bottom of that drop to help it through the loop and the same for the rise to the station. Place them so that it won't have *much* (it's asking too much for them to have no effect) effect on the trip forward. Have the settings on the segment
  3. No need to redo all of that. What you can do is A: Select that segment that you want to break up and hit 'y' to make one section into 2 or B: select any node and go to Editor>Set First. That'll make that segment the first so that you can go on from there using regular building methods. HOWEVER: You can't just splice a new segment in without affecting those around it.
  4. I would say that all of them, regardless of backing, shouldn't be quite that wide. Now, I'd go with the reinforced back, but add an angled (say about 65 degrees) support that meets that back supports about 2/3 of the way up. Now, on the layout, I'd consider adding a MCBR and doubling the length of the ride because there isn't much to it now. The second half could highlight the typical crazy maneuvers that the cars are able to handle. Inversions are your choice.
  5. Glazunov? I personally don't find his music overly attractive other than the violin concerto and a few random works...he seems to overdo with the brilliante a bit... but to each his own! I guess I could fit within the broad genre of classical (I'm not a big fan of the Baroque-Classical era), and am most in-tune with time between the late years of Chopin and the death of Shostakovich. However, I do like music from other, branching periods and adverse styles (insert Messiaen's early work), even some jazz from the time popular and art music intersected in the mid-20s-early-30s (on the cla
  6. ^What kind? (animal and orientation) EDIT: I'm sorry if that may have come off as rude, but it's just interesting to me because of how little I know about it.
  7. ^Actually, that's NOT a good way to do it, not very clean looking. Instead of that, you make the cross piece independent of the vertical. Like this (similar to): You could refer here for further advice on supports. It's a good how-to for Intamin specifically, but the same principle applies to others (but not in the case of the loop).
  8. Yes and mostly no. For length and block spacing, go to Coaster>Statistics. For other things, open your track in CK and go to Track>Overview that gives you a bunch of semi-useless facts about the coaster. For G-forces, you must ride your coaster in every seat, so for a B&M with 8 cars, you ride it 96 times (3 types of forces*32 seats). Or be practical and ride in every seat in the front and last cars as those'll NORMALLY be the most extreme seats in terms of G's. If you're using an FVD system, the middle will be the force specified (by the creator) as they treat the train as a point-o
  9. On that second question, this should get the ball rolling. To get another texture on the wooden supports, create an image with the texture you want on it (make sure it's in the proper dimensions and format!),save, and in the 'path' section, insert the EXACT path to that image. Oh...helpful hint: Create a new NotePad file or another .txt document. That's where you put that line of text. Save the file as: [insert track name].env. And then, open your track in the sim, go to environments, click on the one you made, and the wooden supports will be plain. In the .nlpack, be sure to include the
  10. ^ This one? One was set up at Playland once wasn't it? And then it never opened and was removed.
  11. Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen from the Rückert Lieder by Mahler.
  12. ^It's probably that. Sometimes in announcements for less-than-average rides they'll round up stats that catch the GP better. Example: Some parks claim their boomerangs are 125' tall, however, invariably they're 116.5'.
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