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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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Just like old times...with PSN being 'down', if you want to play a friend, you've gotta actually go to their house to play them...none of this fancy online stuff we take for granted these days.

Until some games don't have real life multiplayer. Wow, really? I want to play a game with somebody in the same room, is that difficult?


Anyways, i like 7-11.

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I'm so done with "onewheeled999"...


I wanna come up with a new username to use online. Something that doesn't have the "999", preferably, that just looks like I'm trying to be hardcore but don't want to put "666". I guess that's what I get for coming up with this username at age 11 or so.


Too bad I'm damn uncreative.

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Im soooooooo excited by HHN Hollywood rumors.


So far we've got the following films as ideas based on Murdy's clues.

Clue #1 Soap Opera: Bruce Campbell was a soap opera star in Fargo and evil dead is a rumored maze and was very popular on guest surveys. This fits well with generally murdyism of giving clues, very vague... but it makes sense.


GV Black: This is related to some dentist dude which relates to Candy which is related to Trick R Treat. This one is kinda vague, but everyone and everything is pointing to this being a maze this year. It has excellent reviews, a cult following, and many people are pushing for this one. It also helps that Murdy said it was one of the most under rated films of all time and that he likes it a lot.


Bunny Gibons's: One of the 2 we know least about. Rumored to be either Halloween or TCM, but most rumors are going to TCM at the moment since it was very well received the first time, also the clues point a bit more towards TCM in general, but it could be Halloween.


3dN: ? Although one of the mazes is rumored to be designed by Rob Zombie once again, this could be it. Especially considering the pretty much confirmed rumor that an extra maze is being added this year.


Trivia: This is pointing pretty strongly at Scream. Murdy mentioned that the film would be a 2011 movie that people would recognize, and as of now it seems like Scream or Insidious. However, Ghostface gives movie trivia. It is rumored, however, that this maze will cover more than just scream 4 because he said that Scream 4 lacked one thing, which was a variety of environments. This problem can be fixed if they use more than just the 4th one.


This leaves house of horrors, which could be 3dn and it also leaves Terror Tram, however, the rumor mill is possibly pointing at Ghostface as an icon as he is recognizable and has not been used. However, that rumor has no real basis besides the fact that it works well and he is well known. I know its 6 months til halloween, but I'm a halloween nerd.

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I was reading a thread on another website about the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (which is actually one of the best kid's shows on TV right now, if you ask me and about two thirds of the internet), when the single greatest sentence I have ever read appeared.


The only thing different I found was that the ponies were feminine enough to make my penis go "maybe?" and Im like no penis theyre cartoon ponies.
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I really, REALLY want to use this as some sort of monologue for theatre. It's from the Elizabeth Taylor movie Cleopatra, when Octavian discovers that Mark Antony has died.


Is that how one says it? As simply as that. "Mark Antony is dead. Lord Antony is dead." "The soup is hot; the soup is cold." "Mark Antony is living; Mark Antony is dead." Shake with terror when such words pass your lips, for fear they be untrue and Antony'd cut out your tounge for the lie! And if true, for your lifetime boast that you were honored to speak his name even in death. Dying, of such a man, must be shouted, screamed! It must dare go back from the corners of the universe. "Antony is dead! Mark Antony of Rome lives no more!"


Too bad it's so short, and I'll probably never have an opportunity to do a monologue ever again, seeing as I'm switching over to full-time theatre tech next year.

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Exile.It takes your mind...again.Exile. It takes your mind...again.You got sucker's luck...Have you given up?Does it feel like a trial?Does it trouble your mind the way, you trouble mine.Exile. It takes your mind...again.Exile.It takes your mind...again.Oh, you meant so much...Have you given up?Does it feel like a trial?Does it trouble your mind the way, you trouble mine.Does it feel like a trial?Now, you're thinkin' too fast you're like, marbles on glass.Vilify. Don't even try.Vilify.Don't even try.You got sucker's luck...Have you given up?Does it feel like a trial?Does it trouble your mind the way you trouble mine.Does it feel like a trial?Did you fall far for the same emptinesses again?Vilify.Don't even try.Vilify.Don't even try.Vilify.Don't even try.Vilify.Don't even try.Vilify.



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Just heard on radio, about

the syndrome we've heard of lately, in OMG press...




Foreign Accent Syndrome.


Woman was put under for dental work -

- woke up with natural 'normal sounding' Irish accent!


And of course, never had the accent in the first place...


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I don't know why but the obsessive use of "Like" buttons kinda bugs me. I kinda feel it would be a bit more appropriate to have the like buttons on top of each thread and maybe a Vote Up/Down function for the individual posts instead of a "Like" button for everything.

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Last night I had an odd dream. A nun was sitting on the street corner playing her DS, and asked me to help her get past a level she was stuck on. The game involved a tiki head slicing everybody with a chainsaw. Then she turned into a black Cadillac Escalade and flew away.


It makes some sense. Because if nuns were cars, they would defiantly be Cadillac Escalades.

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