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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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Something very odd happened to me around 4-5 AM this morning.


While sleeping (possibly sleepwalking), I heard a loud crash and woke up. I found many objects, such as my lamp and my rotary phone, was knocked on the ground, and I found my 50 lb mirror that was leaning on the wall on top of my desk, gently leaning on my bed. Even if I was sleepwalking, I would never have been able to lift an object that heavy off my desk, to the ground, and lean it on my bed while half-asleep.


I'm starting to think that someone else was in my room when the loud crash occurred.

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I am in the process of writing a horror/suspense/action/thriller story. I am almost done writing the first chapter and am typing it now. Hopefully I will follow through on this unlike the last 2 attempts of writing a story. I also hope to eventually get it published.

Good luck! I wrote a novel, haven't finished editing it enough to get it published! Planning to work with my professor this summer to get tips on what I need to revise still..


my number 1 suggestion... if you have a good story, don't give up on it! It took me like 5+ years to actually finish writing the first draft, but I'm glad I followed through with it! Some writers suggest a minimum daily word count or page count (i.e., "I will not eat or go on Facebook until I finish ___ amount of my story.")

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^This last year has been kind of miserable. Most of the people I know (the people in my class) turned 18 this year so they're out doing "adult" things like going to clubs and what not. Meanwhile, I'm stuck at home doing nothing. I really miss calling up someone at midnight on a Friday night and saying "Let's go to Walmart for no reason!" Now it's "Oh, I'm at the club!" I can't do anything fun


I'll be here for 4 days after I turn 18. 4 days to go see what all my friends have been up to Lol. Then I get to move to a new state. That I am happy about.

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Yeah, Google. "Den" is the dative masculine singular definite article in German... You keep thinking that.







Vekoma "For those who don't know, it's accusative masculine singular or dative plural: "Ich habe den Bleistift." or "Sie sind auf den Häuser." " Fan Boy

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