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The "Say Something Random" Thread


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Yesterday in homeroom, we watched a suicide prevention video.


I think the reason that I don't get suicide prevention is because the time that some people spend wondering what things would be like if they weren't there I spend wondering what it would be like if I was a bear.

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Half the time I've been here browsing the strange coasters thread and looking at pictures, my mom has been in the other room on the phone talking about me.


I have 3 siblings, but it always seems like I get talked about the most when my mom's on the phone. Not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing... I've heard her traverse topics such as my excitement with my by-line in the paper, me tutoring math but not having a real job, me telling her I'm a math nerd this semester, me not having a boyfriend, my troubles last year, and me voting Democratic and her concern with me voting more liberal than her (even though I've never voted yet, and I'm registered "undeclared")



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Way too tired = Foggy mind = Highlight moment of the day:

(During math tutoring)

Me: "X has a negative 2 exponent. It's like the 2 is the evil twin on X's shoulder... but it's negative because it's unhappy with where it's at so it wants to make X jump down to the bottom of the fraction so it can become positive again, but it's attached to X at the shoulder so it's going to take X with it."

Tutoree: *blank stare*

Me: "Am I confusing you more by talking like this?"

Both of us suddenly burst out laughing. xD

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I often wonder what makes people snap?


One of my closest friends had a re-committment ceremony (after 25 years of marriage)...her wedding coordinator had a two year old daughter. A few weeks or so after the ceremony, the wedding coordinator along with her daughter were at the mall with the grandparents (the wedding coordinators mother and father, of course.) They had just seen a movie and were walking out of the theater which empties out onto the third floor of the mall which has its walkways acting as balconies around the outside so that the center of the mall is all open. The wedding coordinator received a phone call on her cell phone from her husband. She hears screams as she is walking and turns around to find her mother with both of her arms stretched out over the balcony and looking at her with a look of "so there," if you will. The mother had dropped her daughter over the balcony. The little girl died from extensive brain injuries, internal bleeding and blunt trauma later at the hospital in her father's arms.

The trial is currently going on, almost a year later, which is why I am bringing this up. When the mother was asked why on the stand she stated that she was tired of being ignored and that she wanted to get back at the husband for taking her daughter away from her.

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