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  1. Astroworld as a whole was like WTF? Great American Scream Machine Drachenfire and most of all The Big Bad Wolf. They can't tear down dragon mountain, they just CAN'T!
  2. This was a pretty hot topic on Coasternet and coasterforce and both agreed that Predator is just awful.
  3. ^ I was just assuming because they just seemed to pull the floor off of Sheikra (Im not sure if they physichally altered the train or not) But I guess on a Dive Machine, heart lining really doesn't matter too much if you are way off to the side.
  4. I mean, Just because a ride is floorless, doesn't change any heartlining, and really allows for the same types of elements of any other b&m looper. if anything it allows for more cheap exploits suck as a water mist spraying through the track or a cool flame effect (Neither of those have been used but it would be really cool) or any other type of gimmick to pop through the tracks or even a saw blade that just barely passes under the chassis of the train. But that would really just be a front row exploit.
  5. What is the most painful rollercoaster and flat ride you have ever been on? For me, it would be a Tie between Cyclone at SFNE and Magnum at Cedar Point. Mean Streak is up there but in this recent season, Magnum is extremely bumpy, and like always, has violent airtime. For most painful flat ride, I would have to tie it between any Chance Double Inverter, and Catapult at SFNE. Right up there would be the now long defunct Typhoon at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, and the Space Shuttle ride at Six Flags Great Adventure. Personally, The more hurt, the better the ride. But what is the
  6. I wouldn't say you don't get it at all, but it's certainly not nearly as strong. I don't find the floorless effect "Scary" I find it better enhances my view and overall ride experience.
  7. Wildfire is floored but Medusa is Floorless. Which do you prefer? Same for Dive Machines. I personally think B&M should pull the floors on their looping rides.
  8. Boulderdash has awesome 3rd row and an awesome ejector. Magnum XL has by far some of the most ridiculous ejector not to mention that awesome floater on the second hill.
  9. I remember this very clearly. The rear wheels and axle came off the track.
  10. What do you think is the most notable theme park tragedy? I would put up either the crash of the Mindbender at the Edmonton mall, the enterprise fire at Tivoli, or the Fujin Raijin II accident.
  11. Let's see: Well pain speaking getting shot with a .22 after trying to play woodsball paintball druring open hunting season wearing Ghillie suits... WHAT A WONDERFUL IDEA THAT WAS. But I think my worst injury was either when i cracked my head open playing indoor paintball, or rupturing some stuff in my neck and breaking both wrists playing paintball 10 months later. Oh and about breaking pinkies in pillow fights I went to a Float Face Down/DeadGirls Concert and there was a hardcore pillowfight. People broke noses. It was sick.
  12. Wow...thats a lot of traffic advisories... Thats why I prefer Maine traffic...two cars, a tractor, and a moose. Craiggers "CT Traffic sucks also" K. you don't commute from Bridgeport to New Haven on i-95 in CT every day, East Granby traffic is nothing compared to the southern CT corridor. Route 15 at night takes 15 minutes to get home, but the commute to class is upwards of an hour. on 95 it is worse. Though LA Traffic is just some of the worst I've seen since Sicilian Rush Hour.
  13. I can't make it my paycheck came out to ****** but i might be at the park that same day so you might see me wandering around!
  14. Man that giant Fishhook ride on the Stratosphere would have been boss as hell. That is probably my biggest disappointed cancelled project among other ideas Arrow had.
  15. A zacspin would be a legendary idea if it was constructed to the top of TTD. I think it would be sick if they reversed the back seats of TTD, or put a Giant Drop on the side of the tower. Some more effects on Maverick would be cool too and if they finally cut those horrible trims on mean streak that would be amazing. But we all want a million dollars don't we? From what I've heard from the Redtags and Bluetags is that a GCI is going to be put near Space Spiral and a Kiddie Ride somewhere else.
  16. I am heavily considering going, seeing as SFNE is my home park.
  17. Ello TPR, I was on this site probably in 2006, But not for very long. I joined coasterforce last year, but felt its just a wee bit cocky for the credit they deserve (except Jerry) and the sheer fact that TPR actually gets filming permission is impressive, but im not here to start a CF v TPR war, I'm just tired of arrogant people from England telling me Nemesis is better than Afterburn when they have never been to the United States (Given Nemesis probably is better). But Hi there everyone
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