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The "Rant" Thread


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I have a list of about 12 or 13 books I have to get for classes. Only three of the books are available right now and those three books alone cost $395. Unfortunately, not all the books are available used and the ones that are really aren't that much less.


Also, when you're driving on a highway and it's so dark and rainy that you can only see the car infront of you because they're smart and have their lights on, TURN ON YOUR LIGHTS SO I CAN SEE YOU!

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I have so much homework at my new school. I kind of expected it, but wow. I definately have my work cut out for me. I've spent about 3 hours trying to figure out how to do a project on a cad-type program. Finally got it. It's so frustrating. I know I probably could have been more prepared, but it's hard with so much work to do. I really don't feel like I have much free time. Plus I need to get a job 'cause I'm poor, but if I get a job, then all my free time will be gone and nobody can do that to themselves. That causes insanity. Ahhh!!! So much homework, so little time, so little money! Guess I need to just suck it up and deal.

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I knew today would suck from the moment I got up (30 minutes late!). I get to school, it is absolutely freezing out, and well I guess my morning was alright besides the fact I woke up late and it was so cold. But then, school started! (No, this wasn't the first day of school.) First period English, we did so much work it wasn't even funny, and I don't like that teacher. Second period Algebra II is always fun...nothing wrong there. Then comes break. So yesterday my best friend Becca was out, which really isn't like her. So today she looked like she was either going to kill someone and start to cry. Well, turns out her aunt died...so we were all very sad for her. End of break...Spanish 3 Honors. Honest to God, this class so far has seemed much easier than Spanish 2H, until today! She surprises us with a "read this conversation, then I pick 2 students at random to go up in front of the class and have a discussion about a topipc I choose" project! Totally lame! At least mine was good. Ew, then I had Chemistry. So "we" did a lab today about water filtration stuff...I say "we" because I forgot to set up one teeny little part in the paper about it, he marks it incomplete and I get to do a 3 1/2 freakin page report! I swear, that teacher hasn't liked me ever since I laughed when he said "diarrhea". but whatever...lunch comes and my lame friends totally ditch me so I got stuck on campus with my friends. (BTW, by this time my friend who had the aunt die went home because people were f***ing making fun of her for crying!! How lame is that!!!!) Then history....boring class + too much work = not fun. And then, last period P.E.....ghaa!! Of course on the hot days she makes us run the mile! Now yes, I do track so I like to run...but it was just so hot and I felt very dehydrated. Then I come home to my sister being a little brat to me. I really am not having a good day!

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sucks to be you.





i also had a pretty crappy 1st day of school today. Our chemistry teacher was away so the a**hole substitute teacher made us do work out of the textbook for the whole damn class.


Then our history teacher went on a random ass talk that took an hour about some history crap, which was very boring.


Then we had to do a beep test in P.E. (i got a 10 )


and the rest of the day sucked too...

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Normal boring day..AP Human Geography is the worst class ever!! The concept is easy, but teacher+really hard textbook=hard! Journalism, she made us read for a half hour, and the books she made us read was omg boring! And Biology was just so boring and she wouldn't let us leave after the bell rang because there was paper on the floor! Tomorrow I have to start over in Ceramics because I messed up on my last piece and it fell apart! I really hope we get our Algebra 2 tests graded, its been a week!

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I have so many homeworks this week!

1) Create your own water saving brochure!

2) Write your full lab reports (2)!

3) Create your own poster about your "famous" person!

4) Get ready for the Music assesment!

5) Radio Play will be taped on Wednesday!


Oh, please! Could they just give us at least one breaktime???

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I got oral surgery today. They pulled 2 baby molars with no adult teeth under them that were semi-fused to my jaw bone. They couldnt give me anestisia (if thats how you spell it) because I had eaten before the surgery so I got novican and laughing gas instead. Now I'm all swollen and in pain and I HAVE to go to school tomorrow!!!!!!!



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today is a rainy day, im pissed off and have something to say...


ITS RAINING, IT RAINS ALL THE TIME so you should be able to DRIVE IN THE RAIN!!! when they do the driving tests, they shouldnt cancel the test b/c of rain, they should cancel the test if its sunny. people need to learn that if its raining too hard, YOU DONT TURN ON THE FLASHERS, you just drive slower if you have to. if you use rainX, the faster you go, the clear it is!

if its raining and are one of those people that dont know how to drive, DONT USE THE CELL PHONE! OMG

if there is a turn lane, get into it as soon as you can THEN slow down. dont slow down slowly b4 the turn lane then ease your way into the lane so that when its time to turn, you STILL HAVE YOUR BUMPER IN MY FREAKIN LANE. i have a softball bat and im not afraid to use it


where do i start

they're freakin RCT rides just actually built. over half the ride on magnum is just straight track. when i say straight, i mean no curvature anywhere on it but the roundness of the rails. you go up a hill and its straight, you go down 1 and its the same thing. ANYONE can build a ride that goes straight up @ 35degrees then abruptly down 35 degrees to create airtime. duh. HOW BOUT BUILD SOMETHING QUALITY that makes it look like you actually tried to make it a comfortable ride.


rap music...yes, the drum beats can be good and a few lyrics are good BUT THATS IT. the artist isnt even the highlight of the song, the backup yellers have to yell to make it good and all they do is pull their pants up half the song and bounce their hands up and down. there is no reason to go to one of their concerts b/c they suck


bulletins on myspace are made to inform the public about something in your life that concerns them or you...DONT POST SURVEYS AND CHAIN LETTERS those are for blogs and profiles

my fingers hurt

why is that

it pisses me off that i can type so fast and when i still have stuff to write about, my fingers give out on me WTF?


IF HILARY CLINTON BECOMES PRESIDENT, BE READY TO BE ATTACKED AGAIN. she is a coward and is just running off the fame of her STUPID husband

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