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The "Rant" Thread


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^^ I hate that. I'm sure the same thing is going to happen to me again this year with all my textbooks.

I also hate how almost every teacher wants you to have a binder or notebook for only their class, so you end up with like five binders.

One more rant: my math teacher gave us this homework assignment where we have to draw a picture of ourselves and he said one day we'll go around the class and identify everyone by their drawing. He might have been kidding about that last part (at least I hope he was), but still, drawing?...it's supposed to be a math class...

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I got my Algebra II book today for school. It's brand new and very nice...BUT of course our school couldn't afford 30-something more books for a class set so everyone has to carry an over 900 page math book all day, every day. Totally lame!

My school is too lazy to have a day to allow students to come to school and buy/trade used books, so now they are making us buy them off of ECampus. Ecampus SUCKS!

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