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The "Rant" Thread


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^ I hear ya there brother. I just lost my job today. I knew they were going to let me go and sometimes I feel too that I couldn't find a job to save my life. I am curently getting my resume together and tyring to find a real job. Although I am not losing that much income ($100 a week) I still feel your pain because that is the only income I had coming in.

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Zamperla Inc.'s American offices are a town away in Parsipany, NJ. Think they have jobs for teens? As long as it ain't janitor, I'm happy!


I have just finished Fast Food Nation and if that's on my resume then all of those McD's, Wendy's, and Taco Bell's, and maybe KFC's won't let me in the front door probably...they're such fanatics. "If you're not with them, you shouldn't eat there." Seriously, they let anything go on that tray. Not literally, but what they have they serve.

Is it me, or has the "fast" part of "fast food" gone a little too far?

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*BIG Rant on*

My 11 year old brother is autistic, and can rarely make up his own sentence structure (except for things like bathroom, snacks, etc.)-he uses lines spoken in movies, on TV, pop culture in general. Everything must go his way or he will have tantraums like you've never seen. He doesn't understand that not everything is his for the taking or even touching (but he doesn't go around touching people's hair, fortunetly. Just big fuzzy toys, mainly)

Example of the worst tantraum:

At Animal Kingdom, specifically Kali River Rapids, the Fast Pass line was empty, and since he doesn't understand that concept, he runs in the FP line ALL the way to the station (*pant pant*). We -manage- to bring him back to the start, kicking and screaming. He sees a few parade members walk past that HUGE door nearby that goes behind-the-park. He wants to go there, because he wants to do something. So he runs off and we catch him right before he gets out and runs away. Some of the staff (not costumed, normal uniform) run up and ask if we could get escort out of the park. We accept the VERY generous offer (WE DISNEY STAFF!) and after about 20 minutes of holding him down, the van comes up and I take refuge in the passenger seat while my brother takes the back seat. He suddenly gets silent because he's where he wants. We get to our car, take a long drive to the hotel, and don't go back until the next day.



Also, NEVER let him go near any arcade. One game or three hundred, an arcade is an arcade to him. He'll stay forever. He doesn't get the concept of money running out, essentially. So when the rest of my family waits for me getting out of Space Mountain in MK, I try to get out as fast as I can.

And on my first ride, I was stuck with a nice Canadian couple in the seats in front of me for 30 minutes. When I got off, my brother was angry since he was told when I got off, we had to go (okay, we also promised him a ride go on TTA).

Oy again.


Also, if he wants something, he won't stop asking about it until he gets it. Unfortunetly, eBay is my Dad's pain-killer, since everything my brother wanted was on there and Dad got it.

So if you looked at all the crap that's in this room, about 85% is my brother's stuff that he wanted just to have it. Most of it was eBay. I often remind Dad of all the liscensed games he buys for him thinking he'll like it, when he just wants me or Dad to play it forever, no exceptions.

He's also started this stage where he always goes in stores and HAS to do EVERYTHING. Even if its just me and Dad, everything MUST be done. That doesn't include restraunts (thank gawd), but shops of all sorts on Main Streets, Boardwalks, and the like are all fair game to him. He thinks life is a giant store he can take anything he wants, look at it, and puts it back.

Well, everyone else in line thinks he's gonna destroy their precious plushies.

He hits. A lot. After our last Disney trip, my dad had bruises all over from my brother smacking, hitting, and biting him constantly. It was ridiculous. He hits for anything not going his way. At all. He never likes anyone making sure he's okay (he starts screaming).


Another annoying behavior of his is to try to enter through the exit. When we go in a theme or amusement park, he thinks everything is Disney. When we went to SFGADV, he asked for Pirates of the Caribbean, the Castle, just about everything. We got out soon enough after I went on Skull Mountain, thankfully before we went to where the ERUPTION! is.


Last but not least, whenever we wait for Fireworks, he thinks they go off when HE gets there. So when we were exiting MK late at night via the Ferry, and Wishes started, he went insane. We made it back to the hotel in one piece.


Wow. I'm feeling better now it's off my back. This thread is great.

*BIG Rant off*

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My wife and I are have finally saved up enough to seriously look at purchasing a home....stupid Chicago prices. We can't find anywhere that's close to the train stations (to get to work) and we can only afford one car, so walking is paramount to the decision. There's nothing in the areas that we'd like....it's seriously looking like we're going to have to buy way out in the boonies....

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I was dumped yesterday from my first real relationship which lasted over 15 months with someone who saved my life... I never wanted to break up, I feel like a loser, they are relieved about breaking up (leaving me in the dust), I miss them terribly, and it hurts...

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I don't understand why the use of turn signals is such a hard concept to grasp. They're there for a reason, a very good reason, yet I have seen maybe six or seven people use them in the past week. Why is pushing a little lever thingy up and down so hard to do?


Also, TURN OFF YOUR HIGH BEAMS unless you really need them..like on a deserted highway in the middle of the night. I'm pretty sure you don't need to use them while driving on busy city streets. My eyes thank you.

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Sorry about your brother's problems, CommanderLock. I have an autistic nephew (age 11), and I've seen some of the tantrums he's thrown. The sad thing is that people with autism really can't control most of their actions. It's all part of the condition, and it is tough to deal with it.


My sister is going at it alone, since the sperm donor (I can't say "father" in this case because it's too nice a term and undeserved) has pretty much taken off.


Anyway, my rant: E-mail with guilt attached. You've all seen 'em. You read a nice, touching story, then at the bottom it says that "if you love Jesus, then you'll forward it to X number of people; or you can delete it if you're ashamed of the Lord." Give me a break.



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1. i'm in a super bad mood.

2. school hasn't even started yet and there's already a bunch of drama. i seriously can't take it anymore, i'm already on the verge of insanity. this year should be interesting.

3. i've been stuck in the house all day.

4. orientation is on thursday (aka, reunion if those spineless sh*tbags who betrayed me last year)

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ok in the bold this is chain survey hats was on myspace and i find somthing with it

[] you perfer energy drinks over coffee

[] you have only maybe a handfull of preppy friends

[] you make fun of your preppy friends

[] you have a cell phone colored black with a perminant marker

[] you try to spike your hair

[ ] always wanted a mo-hawk



[] you own at least one pair of converse all-stars

[] you have atleast one pair of skater shoes

[] your not scared of goths/emo kids

[ ] have a pair of baggy black jeans

[] have a big belt buckle

[] always wanted to meet green day

[] Blink 182 was once your favorite band



[ ] you crave mt.dew constantly

[] have a spiked wrist band

[ ] have a spiked belt

[] make fun of preps in general

[] hate laguna beach and the oc

[] hate it when people say "lol" all the time

[]been to 3 or more rock concerts



[] have a gothic friend

[] I own an iPod nano or PsP or mp3

[] write songs all the time

[] can or attempted to play the guitar

[] wish Sum 41 could come out with a new cd



[ ] dont really care about school

[ ] bought at least 1 thing from hot topic


[ ] hope to be a Juggelo or juggolette

[] wear eye shadow, eyeliner or maskara alot



Add up the X's and multiply by 4

Repost, I'm __% PUNK


now this her survey is te dumbist ever because thoes things dont make you punk


punk is doin stuff on your own


its not shopping at hot topic and wanting an enegery drink


its just being your self no matter what any onethinks of it


well if your still reading this then uhhh thank you

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