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The "Rant" Thread


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I move to spanish speaking country....I learn spanish.


You move to The United States of America..... you learn ENGLISH. Anything less IS disrepectful. IMHO, naturally. Taiko Rolls Eyes


By the way, chief....I have studied Spanish. And yes, I have attempted to learn the language. So before you assume that I haven't, you should probably ask. And furthermore, I have the utmost respect for anyone who learns english as a second language. It is possibly the most difficult to learn, considering the amount of slang used in daily conversation.


With that said, I also have ZERO respect for any immigrant who feels it is owed to them that The United States of America should become a bilingual nation. If you don't like a country for what it is before you choose to live in it, then you should reconsider where you choose to live. If I decide to move to Italy, I'm not gonna start a revolution to have the Italian government start speaking English because I wanna feel more "at home." That's not how it works.


First: English is my third language and I don't consider it to be that difficult (but we only get the standard English)

Secondly: I totally agree with your opinion. Here in Belgium we have many immigrants, mainly Turkish and Marrocan people. They wear headscarfs, talk their own language, are responsable for many crimes, etc. But if you say one bad thing about them, they'll call you a racist. Totally wrong. Last someone was stabbed to death in the central station of Brussels because he wouldn't give his MP3 player to some immigrants. That just isn't acceptable.

Don't get me wrong, not all of them are this way!

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Uh wowza, ha didn't know I would start all this, sorry.


But really, English is our national language, you should speak it when you come here. Or learn.


Don't come into petsmart (or any store) expecting someone to speak it. Then yell at us for not speaking it. You come to a different country, you need to adapt to that country and there culture and what not.


I have no problem with the whole imigration problem, considering thats what America is, but you still need to learn the language.


I myself take spanish in school, but why do I get disrespectful replies when I actually try and use my spanish to help a customer? I dunno, you tell me.

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^ I'll decorate your house! Oh wait, you live in Belgium. I would!


I can't believe I'm missing the TPR meet. I had so much fun last time and really want to go to another one. Oh well, I have to look at the bright side of things. I'll be in Orlando.


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The hot weather sucks. At one point on Sunday, the car thermometer said it was 118 outside..blehhh. I don't know how accurate that was but still...


Oh well at least the power hasn't gone out since then (Sunday)...I think having no air conditioning/fans was almost worse than being outside.

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I hate it when people don't listen to you or value your opinion! For example, when you are siting around just talking to people and they act like you don't exist or when people asked you a question and they don't even listen to what you are saying. I also hate it when people don't respect you as a person!

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i hate when you drink a can of coke and you really need to burp but you cant, and the only way to make you need to burp is drink more coke, even though you feel like crap and you dont want to drink more coke...



but then its good when you do burp cos its like BLLELELEKLKDLEKLEEDHRHGHGH, and youre like AAAHHHHHHHHHHH.

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I hate it when the local media is all "OMG, we're in a heat wave, its all hot and people are dying!" Hello, its July, therefore its summertime here in the U.S. its supposed to be hot. And exactly why are people (primarily the old folks) dying, do they sell their air conditioners and fans after August passes each year???

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^right on^


We've got the same crap here in the Lehigh Valley.

Not that it's surprising, considering the average IQ in this area.

It's old people...who probably have Alzheimer's and forget that summer is....well.....hot.

Damn those old people...



And now for my rant:


I HATE HEAT [although current room temp = 58 degrees = ]

And old people who can't be bothered with those newfangled "air conditioners"

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I hate it when people assume that everyone is able to live as well as they do. Some people (many of them elderly), believe it or not are poor and unfortunate with no one to properly look after them. Air conditioners fail, electric bills go unpaid, etc. etc. Unfortunate conditions do happen folks, and that's when the elderly die do to heat exhaustion. People should not be so quick to assume things.


I wouldn't know these things if we didn't have a "shut-ins" program at our church. Weekly volunteers go around to houses of elderly people unable to leave their house and perform basic tasks.This happens for many different reasons, but many times because of neglect from family members now living elsewhere, etc.



Scott "just my 2 cent rant" B.

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