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The "Rant" Thread


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I hate when supervisors:


Assign tasking and give a deadline, then get angry when they promise earlier results and get mad when you don't meet the 'new' deadline.


Assign tasking, knowing it will be pointless when the entire mission is subject to change 3 time on zero notice in a 24 hour period.


Promise answers to questions to higher-ups, then pass the question down instead of finding the answers themselves.

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I have one of those "I can't see headache's"....Those ones that hurt so bad, where bright lights make your headache worse, so you have to squint your eyes

Are you talking about a migraine? I get those too, but if i had one there's no way in hell i'd be able to post, i'd be in bed and occasionally going to the bathroom to puke

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i had an ENORMOUS blister on my foot this morning. and my sister was popping it and i was litterally screaming and clutching the armrest. it hurt so bad. i mean, i used to play soccer and i'm used to popping blisters, but this was a monster.

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The point of my RCT2 parks is not to look realistic, nor to be peep-friendly, nor to show off scenery-making skills... the point is to showcase my insane designs. If I were to build each of these coasters in the Roller Coaster Designer, you would be impressed. But I stuff them into a landscape that I call a "park". Think about this. The "mega park" that someone did a while back had no themeing, 200 coasters, and no landscaping. Nobody complained. I will not post screenshots until I am finished with a given section for good, so making rude comments about my scenery skills is not going to help. It just makes me feel bad, as I can only use the computer for one hour each day and I don't want to spend an hour on one building. In fact, my "windowless" buildings are windowless for a reason. Tunnels are supposed to be dark. Imagine if the tunnel on The Beast was refitted with a glass wall. It would ruin the effect, wouldn't it? In fact, I sometimes feel like I shouldn't put the fruits of my imagination up for download at all. In the real world, my parks would be different. I would put in lots of flatrides (the ones in RCT2 are unrealistic), I would put in more themeing, and I would have realistic supports. Much of my unrealisticness comes from the inherent unreality of RCT2. I can't go to RCT3 because my computer is a pile of junk. I try to be realistic with the layouts of my coasters (with a few exceptions: in my world, B+M's height limit is 349 ft; B+M loopers can go over 200 ft; almost all my custom designs are over a mile in length), but that's about it in my ability to be realistic; you cannot squeeze blood out of a turnip. You probably spend hours on each park, honing it to perfection; if I attempted that, the entire community would grumble about the length of time between updates. I don't have the patience to spend weeks on a single building, adding towers, windows, roofs, entrances, and whatnot, and then posting pictures up, only to be told that I did it wrong and should scrap the whole thing. How do you manage to keep enthusiasm? I just try to have fun designing parks. If you insist that they conform to your ideal code of "realism", I'll give you my parks and you can add scenery to your heart's content. Then I can make demands. Seriously, I feel that I should be able to design rides in peace, without rude comments about the scenery. You may make comments about the layout of the coasters, the layout of the park, or hints on how to improve the scenery, but don't complain about the lack of flats. Flats steal people off coasters, and their unrealistically low capacity (8 on a Top Spin?) keeps lines long and peeps annoyed. Enjoy what I do have, and don't complain about what I don't have.

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^I totally agree. This fits perfectly with my rant:



Some people here are REALLY pissing me off! All they can do is insult insult insult, and hardly ever compliment! They probably browse around the roller coaster video games board, click on a thread with a respectable park with respectable coasters with respectable themeing with maybe one tiny flaw in it, and they will MAGNIFY it my a million times, and make it seem as though the themeing was terrible if not nonexistant, the coaster was unrealistic, stupid, and worse than the Blue Kangaroo, and that the park itself was a load of gorilla crap and should not be seen by human eyes. The worst part is that these people have never even posted a park of their own on the site! How can you insult somebody else's work if you probably can't do any better!? HOW? Maybe I'm blowing this up a bit too much, but it has been really annoying me for a while now. I'm not focusing this on anybody in particular, I'm just putting it out there.


Thank you.

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