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The "Rant" Thread


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My best friend of 4 years decides to skip my own birthday party. I mean, I guess the fact that I always remembered her birthday meant nothing to her. She went to some football game, started smoking, and just quit. I mean, I went to all of her stupid school dances where I didn't know anyone, and I throw a party and she decides that she doesn't know anyone (which wasn't even true), so she shouldn't come.

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gas prices around here shot up 16/gal last night.


You should try living in the UK. Fuel prices here are ridiculous. The Government has even stuck a tax on Chip Fat (vegetable oil, etc) if you use it in your engine. Of course, it helps prices in the States when everyone tends to use lower grade fuel. Here the minimum petrol sations tend to stock is around 93. My car runs well on that but prefers 95.

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I hate the attitude at my HS. I really don't like people who don't give about school. It is annoying. They just sit there, pretend to learn, but fail the tests. All they care about is MySpace and their friends.


When the announcements come on, they talk calmly and at a soft volume but then EVERYONE who DOESN'T give about education or the world in general starts talking loudly...so much I can't hear a dang thing. Heck, even the TEACHER starts talking over everyone!

I'm part of three clubs-Computer, Lighting Crew, and Film Club, the first and latter are the ones that I listen for, and I can't hear anything.


Plus, a couple of my friends must have a MySpace addiction. They get anxious and all punk if left seperated from MySpace for more than 2 hours.



Glad I got that out.

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90% of the people that play Call of Duty online suck. Even the so-called skilled people don't understand that you can tell where a person is by simply hearing them breathe. You can tell how close the are to you, which direction they might come from...etc etc. I used that tactic tonight and got banned from a server. It was a no run and gun server, so it was all crouching. Well someone forgot to crouch and and was running on the other side of the wall, which was a hallway. I was in one of the rooms and heard him huffing and puffing. He stopped (which my guess was that he was crouching and getting ready to turn into the room). I got against the wall and waited. I shot and killed. And apparantly I was using a wall hack.


Ahhhh, freakin' noobs.

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^^ I waste people in Battlefield 1942 not by seeing them, but seeing their name in red or blue. I scope up to where their head should be and bang, headshot kill.


I nail people in huts and bunkers that way all the time through doors and windows. I'm always accused of cheating, but the admins usually back me up.

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I'm getting tired of rooming with an Ex-Tatsu Crew Member whom is uber obsessed with World of Warcraft, YouTube, the Game Show Network (GSN), and his MySpace. I think I might kill him soon.


You on the coasterdynamix forum? I think I recognise that avitar?


Speaking of which, Im still waiting on my comet model arriving. Ive had a worspace ready for it for weeks. People are complaining that Im taking up too much space with nothing. Meh.

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