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The "Rant" Thread


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I'm not trying to be racist or anything, but I'm sick of how when black people come into my class, they see how stupid the other ones act and begin to imitate them, even though they were completely normal when they entered the class. I'm not saying that every black person acts stupid, just most of the ones in my class.

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Okay. I have a half hour and a lot of things to get off my chest, so here goes.


Why is it that nobody can spell these days? My teachers have committed such atrocities as "Dr. Jeckyl" (wince) and "Appolo" (double wince). Kids can't spell either. I hate that. Furthermore, people who know nothing about what they are talking about but talk about it anyway really tick me off. If I have to sit through one more lecture about how Eragon is exactly the same as Lord of the Rings, I will get violent. Speaking of which, Eragon is NOT a ripoff of LOTR and Star Wars. All three are trilogies based on the Hero's Journey. If that makes them the same, then all three are ripoffs of The Odyssey, by Homer. Also, the movie will be crap. A $125 million budget is not going to do the book justice. But at least it will be quality crap, unlike Saw III, which I will not see because I feel that any movie that would be stocked on the same shelf as The Slumber Party Massacre II is crap and should be burned. We don't need a 90-minute gorefest. We need creativity. Hollywood creativity is dead. As is Six Flags. Six Flags deserves to be bought by Cedar Fair. Then we would pay less. On that note, why is it that people pay more for stuff just because of a label? Is America that stupid? Apparently so, because designer clothes sell. And crappy games sell. For every Myst there are 20 games where the objective is to kill everyone. Why is this? Is there some need for violence? It does not teach violence. Which brings me to another point. Video games are not all violent. Which games sell really well? SimCity. RCT. Myst. Meteos. Mario Kart. Why? They're fun. They don't rot your brain, they focus it. I focus on RCT2 and I have an IQ of above 150. Coincidence? Probably. But that's not the point. The point is that people are morons and most believe anything. Anyway, my Honors class assigns more work than my two Accelerated classes and my AP class put together, and the year is based on "what it means to be human." I am not human. I am a dragon. But my teacher doesn't care. I gotta go now.

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I'm not trying to be racist or anything, but I'm sick of how when black people come into my class, they see how stupid the other ones act and begin to imitate them, even though they were completely normal when they entered the class. I'm not saying that every black person acts stupid, just most of the ones in my class.


You know that works both ways don't ya? I'm a 38 year IT manager with a college degree and Microsoft certifications... so I'm not dumb nor act "ghetto"... but I'll go somewhere and a white person will "pimp" up to me like one of those rappers on MTV and try to... um what's the phrase... act "black" with me... I'll just stick out my hand and shake theirs like a business associate and speak like I'm in a corporate office... that throws them off. Then I'll tell them not all black people act like that and it's insulting to assume such. Then I'll send them on their merry way. The golden rule is to treat and speak to others like you want to be treated and spoken to.


Anyway, that wasn't my rant.


I hate that some of my friends willingly involve themselves in so much drama. Now one of my friends moved into an apartment by himself to get away from the way his roommates that kept trashing the place, eating up all his food and destroying his stuff. Once he gets out on his own, he invites the worst person you could have stay in your place to live temporarily. This guy is totally worthless. He can't keep a job, set his kitchen on fire costing him $1000 in repairs, disappear for days taking his clothes... the list goes on... so he put him out TWICE (some people would have learned after the first time)... after I told him "look I told you so. stop bringing all that drama in your house. There's only two places you will have peace--the grave and your house. If you can have peace in your own place, you better look inside yourself and figure it out."


Anyway, I go over his house last month and guess who I see there again? (sigh) This time I didn't say anything. You can't tell some people anything. So we go out one night and this guy shows up and gets in my face about he knows I don't like him and he's 25 and out of jail and he's turning his life around. Now I don't hang out with jailbirds and I told him, "You can SAY you're changing your life, but your actions should be the thing to show it. Don't get in my face again or I will clear this room."


So I get a call on Saturday from my friend. He begins by saying "Don't say I told you so." I said "What did he do now?" Evidently another friend came over and left the keys to his new $10,000 motorbike out and he fell asleep (They usually watch tv and drink)... this guy takes the keys, takes the motorbike on a joyride in the subdivision and crashes into two parked cars totalling the motorbike.


The guy who owned the bike called the police and they handcuffed him and charged him with grand larceny... which is a felony. Come to find out the guy also had other outstanding warrants so he will be jail for the holidays; and I doubt he will get bailed out because he's burned the bridges down with everyone including his family. And if you were thinking this guy was black... think again... he was a white guy with a police record.


So I told my friend, "See if you weren't stupid enough to facilitate this drama, none of this will have happened. Well at least he won't be back for a while... I hope you learned your lesson. And at least the bike was insured so he can get it replaced."


"The bike wasn't insured." he said.


I was outdone. I said "I gotta go. This is too much drama for me right now." And I hung up. No wonder I only go over there once a week if that.

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I live in a fairly nice neighborhood on the Near North Side of Chicago. It's a lot of typical Chicago bugalows, but my block is two and three flats of apartments. We're on the top floor of a two flat right across the street from a park and, live above our landlords and their 5 year old daughter (that's an entirely different rant).


Our neighbors on one side are silent, naturally that's the side with the dining room and kitchen. On the other side we have our other neighbors driveway and then their building. They hold raucus dinner and vodka parties every Saturday night that go to all hours of the night. And we're not talking young people here, they're in their late 50's with two teenagers (whom they also let drink right out in the open).


In June my wife and I returned from a great trip to Cleveland (I scored my first trip to Geauga Lake) to discover early the next morning that they purchased a puppy. It woke us at 3:30AM howling in their driveway, because they rufuse to let it in for the night. This went on for weeks at all hours of the day and night. Our landlords called and talked to them, the neighbors on the other side of them talked to them, the neighbors on the other side of the alley talked to them, and yet it still continues.


It continued this morning....I don't get it. You buy a dog, and you won't let it in the house, you don't play with it, you don't take it for walks...and you ignore it while it barks incesantly all day and night as if nothing is happening. Then when the Police ring your doorbell for a noise disturbance, you won't answer the door....WHAT THE HELL???!!!


Did I mention we're moving in May????

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^I would call animal control on them.


Although I have 'messy' friends in other cities that have made pets disappear after pleading with owners to take care of their noisy pets. Fortunately with all power of condo and housing associations in South Florida, too many pet complaints and the association can force you to get rid of the pet... or make you sell your home. Can't get any simpler than that.

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I'm getting really annoyed at stupid general public idiots who make fun of Busch Gardens because it is a beer company. I blame this on the stupid Simpsons episode where they go to "Duff Gardens".


This is how one of the conversations went:


person: "Where did you go in the summer?"

me: "Busch Gardens"

person: "Ahahahahaha how gay. Are you serious?"

me: Yea, you know Busch parks are one of the best theme parks in the world"

person: "Probably because people get drunk all the time"

me: "Have you ever been to Sea World?"

person: "Yeah..."

me: "then you've been to a Busch theme park. So SHUT UP!"

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I hate when people knowingly put their pets in danger because they want to save some money. Someone on a forum I'm a member of bought her chinchilla a plastic wheel [like a hamster wheel, but huge] even though she knows that plastic is dangerous for chinchillas [yeah pet stores market plastic products to chinchilla owners, but they're very very unsafe since chinchillas chew everything and plastic causes intestinal blockages. Anyone who's done some research outside of asking a petsmart employee knows this..but that's a whole other rant]. Instead of thinking of her chinchilla's safety, she opted to save the money instead. The best part is instead of spending $50 up front on a safe wheel that will last forever, she spent $20 on a wheel that will break in a few months and she'll have to replace. Her chinchilla would be better of with no wheel at all, especially since it's not something a chinchilla NEEDS, it's just a nice thing to have if you have room in their cage.

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