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The "Rant" Thread


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^ Some Christians do go WAAAYYY overboard with their faith. My mom says, "Some Christians are so heavenly minded, they're no earthly good." I don't know where she got that, but I really like that.


I know too many people who speak what I call "Scripture-ese." They can't seem to hold a conversation about anything without invoking a verse from the Bible or some other religious phrase, admonition, condemnation, or whatever.


And I'm saying this as a Christian myself.



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Kiddieland park closed today in Melrose Park, IL. The place at noon had a line that went an entire side of the park and back to the front. There was still a line to get in at 4 with all 4 ticket windows open. Each ride had a 30-60 minute wait. People stood in lines to buy park shirts and cotton candy that was half as big as a child.


I saw people in their 20's and up act like kids for the day. The relived their childhood, even if just for one day. Adults rode the new for 1939 Roto-Whip without a care in the world (or child.) I even saw a family of 4 generations that had been to the park as kids.


Chicago and the amusement industry just lost a timeless park. Now the 3rd largest city in the United States has only Six Flags Great America for kids to go to amusement park wise. Families will not be able to continue the tradition of taking their kids for their first visit. People new to the area (like me) will not get to step back in time to a park time seems to have forgot.


The reason for it all ending you ask? Family greed. One half the family wants to sell the land for a profit. The same family whose father built the park from nothing more than pony rides to what it is today. I hope they can sleep well at night, knowing they destroyed a tradition, both family and public, for a few extra bucks.

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Yesterday my friends and i headed up to sfne... Well thank god we didnt get far because they end up closing 10 minutes after we got on the road!!


Hmmm, I wonder how that was....


Yeah, it sucked. As you know, the ride ops (at least at Cyclone) were really jerks. I still can't believe they didn't let me get the last ride in. After being informed that the park would close at 1:30, I get on Cyclone for the last ride. I get back to the station and there is a couple waiting for the front, so they announce this will be the final run, as the line was cut off. So I figure "Ok, there's no line, last ride, I'm sure they won't have a problem letting me reride". WRONG. I sit in the back, waiting for them to check restraints, when the ride op looks at me, then at the guy checking restraints. He then told me I couldn't reride, I tried to reason with him "What? It's the last ride. I know you don't allow rerides, but come on, it's the last ride, you guys decided to close early, this is the least you can do to satisfy a guest." Nope. "Sorry, you can't ride". "Come on." "No".


What jerks. Next time, I'm not going to be so polite. If they have to throw me out of the park, so be it. What ever happened to customers first?


Oh well, can't wait to see you at Compounce Friday where they ALLOW rerides. No Nazi ride ops there.

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^ Whenever there's a budget crisis, for some reason, education gets hit the worst. I've seen this for decades.


Personally, I think by cutting education, they're trying to keep us dumb so we won't be able to figure out what they're up to.



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Yeah the government sucks when they deal with Education. For one, the teachers. I think even though there is a crisis going on with the money. They should be paid more! I mean these are the people who will educate us. Us = the people who will probably find the cure for AIDs , Cancer, and Diebeties. The people who could have a major positive impact on Global Warming. The people who can find resorses in the near future.


Right now the budget crisis is so bad, that our school had to do some drastic cuts. They cut down on the after school buses, the lunch variety(that and the pizza cheese just falls right off when you take a bite), and there thinking of removing the foreign language classes here. You need a foreign language to get an Advance Diploma. Meaning you need to take a class, outside of school in order to do this.


I'm done here.

-Matthew K.

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It isn't just California....in my town, we had the main branch. Then four other locations for the Library. The library had a bunch of its funding cut due to the state capping property taxes at 1% for private owners, 2% for businesses and 3% for rental properties. The city lost about 2 million dollars of its funding and the county had 3 million cut from its budget. The libraries lost funding closed 3 of the "mini" branches and now the only two left is the main one in downtown and the mini branch in West Terre Haute. They also are now closed on Saturdays when they used to be open. When they enacted these tax caps, there were a bunch of people for it. Now that they are in effect, quite a few people are complaining about services being cut. Duh, you cut taxes, you going to lose services. More tax income for the towns and counties will be happening next year when the caps are at the full cap.

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Well, I started the day off vomiting. Lots.


I went to college as normal, and had a damn good day!


Then, I went to get the bus home. I stuck out my arm and attracted the attention of the driver, who proceeded to look at me, look straight ahead, and drive on. Normally, this would have been no problem. However, this was the last bus for 3 hours.


So, I had to wander round a HUGE shopping centre in a totally unfamiliar city for that 3 hours. When I eventually got on a bus home, I was sat at the back next to a GROSS old man who apparently gets extremely travel sick. So, all the 2 hour journey back and still feeling rather ropey, I had to listen to some disgusting old pervert chuck his guts up into a shopping bag.


Still, I'm home now, and I still (to some extent) have my health.



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What a bad night.


First, I try to go to sleep. That does not work.


Second, I get out of bed to get on the computer to find out I lost the week in fantasy football.


Third, I still can't go to sleep after getting on the computer.


Fourth, after finally getting 2-3 hours of sleep before work. I awake to see the light on my phone flashing which means either a missed call or text. It is a text from my ex who left me to marry some other guy telling me that she wants to be with me and all sorts of mess.

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