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Last concert you attended?


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Ben Folds in Madison, WI March 11, 2006.


It was a somewhat smaller venue, and there was no assigned seating, so we were about 6 rows from the stage because we got there pretty early. Great show! He's a really funny guy and extremely talented.

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BFD - @ shoreline amphitheater, Mountain View, Ca sat. June10th


artists included:



Franz Ferdinand


Yeah Yeah Yeahs


The Sounds


Panic at the Disco

She wants revenge


and more..



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The last concert I went to was to see my brothers band play and surprisingly they are pretty big for being so small and what type of music they are (Hardcore) like they are going on tour all summer to Texas and California and Washington to B.C and stuff.

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Mine was last Fall and it was U2 and the band institute (Gavin Rossdale's ne wband, not just Bush renamed)


Great show! I bought tickets for my girlfriend knowing she loves U2, and I love the band "Bush". I had no idea Institute was Rossdale's new band so I completely lucked out. I even ended up liking the U2 bit...


I'm buying tickets for Aerosmith and Motely Crue this Saturday, show's in September, there will be a review.

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Last free concert would have to be Bedouin Soundclash, who went to my university. I swear, I was the oldest person there, because everyone else was frosh, but they were great (especially wehn they continued to play until campus police forced them to stop).


Last paid concert would have to be Elton John at the ACC. The tickets weren't cheap, but I swear it had to be one of the best concerts I'd ever been to. Something about Elton and Crocodile Rock.

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Last concert I went to see? That's a good question.


I guess, you can say it was either Kansas, or the Village People. They played at the Oyster Fest here in town, and while Kansas was good, I just had to see what the Village People were going to do.


As for the last ACTUAL concert, I would have to say...ugh... New Kids on the Block. I was about 10, and we won the tickets to see them at Riverside (Now known as Six Flags New England), so we got into the park, and my mom made us stay for the concert.


I am going to see the Dave Matthews Band next month though.

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