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  1. Hello, it’s been quite some time since I have posted anything on these forums. When Coasterdynamix released their realistic model sets and collectibles I purchased quite a bit and built many coasters over the years. This stuff has become quite difficult to find and I really have no room to build them anymore. I really would prefer not to ship, these are located in the Dallas TX area. Please post here if interested or you can email me at bsfcstrfrk@hotmail.com. If this post violates any rules let me know as I am just trying to find a roller coaster fan who is interested and would appreciate it. I’m not sure on price and would prefer to sell most of it as one lot. I’d consider selling the statix trains separate after the rest sells. I have. 2 Scorpions Multiple expansion packs Custom lift hills Extra bases Tons of extra parts 3 Apollos chariot Statix 2 Shiekra statix 1 Raptor statix 1 Alpengeist statix The 3 Apollo trains and shiekra trains all have the metal wheels or run on the kits. Would sell with or without the metal wheels. Can get pictures for anyone interested. Thanks, Barry
  2. I think the coaster looks great and it's exactly what KI needs, and besides have you seen the badass Coasterdynamix model of it at the park? - Barry
  3. I rode it twice this fine day. I had ridden DejaVu at SFMM a few years ago and tried to get this DejaVu credit in 2003 (this ride will not be operating today). All in all it was good, it ran pretty smooth and it also ran all day. The GP there seemed to like it although the lines for the woodies were bigger most of the day. I'll ride it again but I definately won't wait long for it. - Barry
  4. I have these 3 taken in 2004. Unfortunately they are b&w (must of had the camera on the wrong setting) - Barry
  5. At this point I would doubt they will paint it this year. They have a ton of work to do to get it open by July (wishful thinking at this point, but we'll see) and it actually doesn't look too bad in person. I am sure most of the people that visit Silverwood have never seen this coaster before so for all they know that's how the color has always been. - Barry
  6. I saw that sweatshirt from a distance and thought ho cool, but as I got closer I realized that wasn't coaster alley so no purchase for me. I think it's a new design for this year. They had a few other t-shirts and sweatshirts that were nice though.
  7. The crowds were very light, that's the main reason I try to go on opening day every year. As a plus admission was only $19.99 a person for the first weekend. I am planning to go back in July, but we'll see on the progress of Aftershock. If it's not open yet I'll just go in September. - Barry
  8. I just realized it was backwards - sorry. A little retracking done in the off season.
  9. It's that time of year to make my annual trip to Silverwood for opening day. It was just my daughter and I hanging out and having fun. The weather was great in the low 60's and sunny. Here are a few pics.....[/img] This is Flat Anna and she's headed to Silverwood. (school project for my niece) Deja Vu er Aftershock pieces visible from park entrance plaza. Last year they added a herd of Bison to the train ride, this year they have some calves. It looks as if Silverwood is getting a few more rides to add to Coaster Alley or not.... The first relocated ride to come to Silverwood My daughter with the infamous sign. Timber Terror Tremors doing it's thing. Already towering over Tremors - the entrance will be between Tremors and Timber Terror. OMG we have track, ok only 2 pieces, many left to go. I wonder if they'll make it by July.... Lots of work left to be done..... Aftershock from the side road. And finally this report brought to you by the letters R, M and C. Thanks for reading!
  10. I rode it last week. It's by far the most fun coaster in the park. The launch is very unusual since it's all the way up the tower. It's very smooth and the restraints are very comfortable. The tower and the zero g have lots of airtime. It was very crowded when we were there and I wish I could have ridden more than twice.
  11. Tremors (silverwood), Goliath (sfmm), SUF (sfga), Greezed Lightning (sfkk), Medusa (sfmw), V2 (sfmw), Stealth (pga), Psycho Mouse (pga), Xcelerator (knotts), Italian Job (pkd), Cobra (sfmw), Zonga (sfmw), Harvest Express (nut tree park), Tatsu (sfmm), X (sfmm) That's about it.
  12. I have Washington State winning it all. It probably won't happen though. My picks are more based on who I'd like to win rather than who I think will win. I'd just like to see Duke and North Carolina out quick.
  13. I'm taking the family for our first trip to Orlando next year. There are too many of us for a hotel so we are looking into renting a vacation home for a week. Just wondering what company you used and if you were satisfied with the home ie location, cleanliness etc. Thanks -Barry
  14. Hello, with Knott's Halloween Haunt just a few short weeks away, I was wondering if anyone could help me out with discount coupons. I know they are available at BK in the southern California area. I live In Washington and when I get down there I really have no time to go to BK before I go to the park. I would be willing to send a SASE to anyone that could help. Thanks a bunch. - Barry
  15. I am so sad to say this......Windjammer at Knott's. My daughter rode her first looper this year on Sooperdooperlooper at Hersheypark.
  16. When are you going? I usually go twice a year, on opening day and one Saturday in September. During that time the park is dead and the rides are walk-ons. I enjoy both Tremors and Timber Terror. The Corkscrew is ok. The other rides I like there are the log flume, the train, bumper boats and their new drop ride Panic Plunge. If you are going in August try to go on a weekday as weekends can be busy. - Barry
  17. Today my daughter and I rode Chickenhawk "ride is lame", er I mean Timberhawk "ride of prey" at Enchanted Village
  18. Cult is sweet. I've heard good things about this album. We'll see next week.
  19. I was at Hersheypark a couple weeks ago and found that if you ride Rollersoaker in the evening there is little to no line. Sure you get wet, but when the parks closing and your going to a hotel who cares. Knoebels is a great park. I was there on Sunday July 16th and eventhough Twister and Phoenix were only running 1 train each, like Erik says the ride ops are top notch getting you loaded and on your way in no time. As far as go to Superman or Batwing first, I'd say Batwing, the ride ops are awful, get it out of the way before the crowds show up. On Superman even with one train the line moved fast. - Barry
  20. Metal is metal is metal, well except maybe hair metal. I listen to alot of different music, but mostly metal and punk stuff. SLAYER - Christ Illusion in stores 8-8-06
  21. Just got back form my first east coast trip and I have to say that Chick-Fil-A is the bomb!!!!! Excellent fast food IMO. We also suffered through a meal at Long John Silvers in Williamsburg. The place was a dump and the food sucks a%$!!!!!!!. On a side note got my first Carrabbas credit in Bowie , MD. I had the Pollo Rosa Maria and it was to die for. Liked it so much we ate there again 2 nights later. Thanks TPR for all the Carrabbas talk or I may have never been. - Barry
  22. Could the album be any worse that St. Anger???? Kudos for using Rick Rubin, he's been making bands sound great for years from Slayer to the Dixie Chicks to Danzig to Johnny Cash. Robert Trujillo was also bass player for Suicidal Tendencies and Infectious Grooves - love that guy.
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