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  1. They hate Paris Hilton so much they write a song about to receive numerous views on youtube.
  2. I just bought my pre-sale tix yesterday. So excited.
  3. Wiimote controlling a game on OS X. Interesting. http://www.robterrell.com/?p=11
  4. Exactly. The type of beverage one enjoys have everything to do with their seuxality.
  5. The watered down coffee drink with whip cream and too many calories, that's my favorite.
  6. Bjork has some prettty brutal stuff.
  7. I still like guitarfreaks better, if only it was readily available at best buy for a decent price.
  8. It isn't a gimmick, asshole! It's got motion-sensing controls
  9. Hah, that song reminds me of the unicorns a lot.
  10. Linkin park called, they want their lyrics back.
  11. I'm really doubting that standing in line all night will be necessary, one of the targets in my area is supposed to have 81 wii's
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