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  1. Definitely, MM's comeback is going as swimmingly as Britney Spear's comeback.
  2. They hate Paris Hilton so much they write a song about to receive numerous views on youtube.
  3. I just bought my pre-sale tix yesterday. So excited.
  4. Wiimote controlling a game on OS X. Interesting. http://www.robterrell.com/?p=11
  5. Exactly. The type of beverage one enjoys have everything to do with their seuxality.
  6. The watered down coffee drink with whip cream and too many calories, that's my favorite.
  7. Bjork has some prettty brutal stuff.
  8. I still like guitarfreaks better, if only it was readily available at best buy for a decent price.
  9. It isn't a gimmick, asshole! It's got motion-sensing controls
  10. Hah, that song reminds me of the unicorns a lot.
  11. Linkin park called, they want their lyrics back.
  12. I'm really doubting that standing in line all night will be necessary, one of the targets in my area is supposed to have 81 wii's
  13. You have such an elitist mentality about panic! at the disco, oh the irony. Jeremy Enigk just released an album and still tours (plays SDRE covers too!) and he talked about a reunion in an interview here. At least the fire theft is supposed to be getting back together.
  14. I wanna see jenny lewis again, sooo good. I believe that last real show i saw was Sonic Youth @ HOB san diego.
  15. First off, there's a couple incosistencies here. Did you see Patd before their headlining tour? They didn't even play half their instruments, just sing over some pre-recorded parts(badly at that.) Also, panic at the disco had like one tour they opened before they started getting radio play, and I highly doubt anyone remembers that. ...I should probably off myself now for knowing so much about panic at the disco
  16. I've discussed this a million times and narrowed it down pretty well... The Smiths - Meat Is Murder My bloody Valentine - Loveless Radiohead - Ok Computer NMH - In the Aeroplane over the sea Bright Eyes - I'm wide awake it's morning
  17. I've been in school all summer, but am graduating in october!
  18. Great photos! I love seeing all the quirky little things they have in international theme parks. Hah, you can actually ride camels around.
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