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Last concert you attended?


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Death Cab For Cutie

The Rave/Eagles Club

Milwaukee, WI



Amazing, as usual. OkGo was the opener, and they were pretty decent as well. Their singer was all hopped on meds though. Kind of funny. Anyways, Death Cab opened with 405 which was a welcome surprise. They also decided to play quite a bit of older material off of We Have The Facts...


Next concert is the 102.1 Big Snow Show. My Chemical Romance, Rise Against, and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. After that, probably Snow Patrol in April.


Chris Walla


Ben Gibbard


Nick Harmer and Jason McGerr of Death Cab For Cutie

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Reel Big Fish, Streetlight Manifesto, Sububran Legends and Westbound Train at the Canopy Club in Urbana, IL. Probably one of the better concerts I've been to. Definately worth the 3 hour drive.


And the night before that the Mad Caddies at the Gargoyle.

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^^^ That Reel Big Fish tour is coming here next week, so I'm looking forward to that.


The weekend before Thanksgiving I went to the Journey/Def Leppard concert. I don't know many Journey songs, only some of the more popular ones, but I thought they were pretty good. Def Leppard rocked, the only problem was I dont' remember the end of the show due to my drinking. I do remember the good songs, though. Overall I had a good time. I had never seen either groups before.

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Next concert is the 102.1 Big Snow Show. My Chemical Romance, Rise Against, and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. After that, probably Snow Patrol in April.


I might recommend taking a long bathroom break or something during Rise Against. They opened for Coheed and Cambria in Cincinnati last Decemeber and are in a dead heat with Fall Out Boy (three years ago) for the worst band I've ever seen live.

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went to see TENACIOUS D on monday night

was the best gig of my life!!!

they put on an excellent show!

The crowd was wild!

and i got soooooooo close to jack!

was amazing!!!!!


You Jammie Git! lol.

I was going to see that but couldnt due to other pressing issues.


Last gig I went to was W.A.S.P.


The next is Iron Maiden this friday.

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December 4th, 2006


The Who - Air Canada Centre, Toronto


Opening act was The Pretenders


Well done show of both. Chrissie still has it at 55.


Saw The Who before - Once with everyone (Roger, Pete, John and Keith) once after Keith passed on and now after John shuffled off.


"Hope I die before I get old!"

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Wednesday was a very welcome relief from what has been a very emotional month for me. There is just something about My Chemical Romance that gets to me. I know they may seem like a "sell out", but you could say that about many band today anyways.


So, my roommate and I left for downtown at about 5:00 and got there at about 5:20. If we had known that the line was already as long as it was we would have gotten off a bus stop earlier. No matter, the line had already stretched over the Wisconsin St. bridge and then around the block after we got there. The security guys came by and told us what we could and couldn't bring in as usual. When we asked them about camera they told us that they were permitted. This pissed us off to no end because the tickets clearly stated that no cameras were allowed. While preparing to leave we had debated if we should attempt to sneak our cameras in. So much for their "no tolerance policy". We waited in the line for about an hour and a half and then the crowd started slowly moving forward. Once we got inside we quickly rushed into the lower level. However we figured that it would be in our best interest to try for the front of the balcony. Boy were we right. We got the third row, right-center.


It was going pretty well until these guys came with a bunch of teen girls. Anyways, the guys tried doubling up in seats and then started standing right in front of us in the aisle. The entire section was clearly as mad as we were. Security ended up coming and asked them to leave. However, the girls stayed put and the guys kept coming back, drunker each time. So, we and the rows behind us didn't see much of Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.


Negative aspects aside, the shows weren't bad. If I had advice for The Red Jumsuit Apparatus however, it would be to stop trying so hard. The lead singer seriously looked like he was imitating being high or drunk, when clearly he was not. The music all sounded the same too, all six songs. I have a feeling that they won't have a very prolific career.


Rise Against was the second opener. I have heard that they were also not the greatest band, but I was actually pleasantly surprised. Although there was quite a bit of screaming, the music was quite cohesive. The set was considerably longer, about 10-12 songs, and my personal highlight was when they played the acoustic Swing Life Away.


After reading about previous shows and seeing various video clips I was pumped for MCR. They did not disappoint. A black curtain was lowered into place bearing "The Black Parade". After the lights dimmed a spotlight focused on the title while the band started to play the opening bars of The End/Dead. The curtain was than pulled down and the band was revealed, in matching black attire. The show proved to be very theatrical.

All in all the set was amazing, featuring 10 songs off of The Black Parade, and 6 off of Three Cheers. They didn't play anything off of their first album however, much to the dismay of many.


The setlist was as follows...

-The End


-This Is How I Disappear

-I'm Not Okay

-Cemetery Drive


-Welcome To The Black Parade

-I Don't Love You

-Thank You For The Venom


-Give 'Em Hell Kid

-House Of Wolves

-Famous Last Words(my favorite at the moment)

-You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison





Now back to reality(i.e. final exams)

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Now that's a review! Excellent work. Sucks that you missed out on pics, since the ones you posted on the previous page were so good. I gotta say that I've only heard a couple MCR songs, but I kind of like 'em a bit so far; which I didn't expect, figuring they were just another emo teen band of the moment kind of thing. Welcome to the Black Parade is so "Queen-like", it's scary......in a good way, of course.

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