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Last concert you attended?


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MxPx @ SFMM. Great show. I was actually kind of suprised the Golden Bear theater has decent accoustics.


Obnoxious kids everywhere. Not so great.


We almost went up there on friday ... but the Obnoxious kids kept us away.


Dave, the HoB in Hollywood has a nice sound. Saw Reverend Horton Heat there about 6 or 7 years ago.

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went to see PitchShifter in the Astoria March 26th.


Murder1, Skidred and a band that had something to do with zombies tried as hard as they could to start a pit, but failed. Skindred got an amazing one going right at the end of their shift, the PitchShifters pits started, its was amazing!!!


anyway, gonna see DragonForce in december, pre-band is Firewind. its gonna be great!

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My last concert was a long while ago, on April 30th - but it was a good one:



Evans Blue

Theory of a Deadman


Lacuna Coil





Rob Zombie




Back in May I was supposed to see Skindred, but family problems came in the way of that one. On July 1st I was supposed to see Blue October, but our ride ditched us for a party (he never went to it anyways) and I was going to see Nonpoint this Wednesday, but I have to work (I think I may be sick that day ).

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Pink Floyd cover band. They were very good, I was sort of surprised. They played one song from every album.


Animals- Pigs on the Wing (1). Yay! Cute love song.

Piper at the Gates of Dawn- Bike. Crowd went nuts. Great rendition.

A Saucerful of Secrets- Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun. Very moody, very suave, very cool.

More- Cymbaline. The lead singer managed some great vocal stuff here.

Atom Heart Mother- Fat Old Sun. So pretty.

Meddle- One Of These Days. Cool red lights swirling everywhere, very biting and sharp. Sounded just like the actual band, but with a longer midsection leading up to the climax.

Obscured by Clouds- Free Four. Very bouncy. Audience clapped in rhythm.

Dark Side Of The Moon- The Great Gig in the Sky. The drummer sang the vocals, she was very good at it.

Wish You Were Here- Welcome To The Machine. Sounds great in concert.

Animals- Dogs. Very ambitious! I was shocked to hear them play this, because it's 17 minutes long. Very very good.

The Wall- Another Brick in the Wall. Not surprised to hear this but my god they were kickin' butt with it.

The Wall- Hey You. I was happy to hear that the guitar player didn't suck at this.

The Wall- Comfortably Numb. Great solo!

The Final Cut- Two Suns in the Sunset. Very bitter, but the lead singer managed it well.

A Momentary Lapse of Reason- Dogs of War. Great stuff here, keyboardist managed the saxaphone part pretty well.

The Division Bell- Marooned. I hate this album, but it wasn't too bad here.

The Wall- Stop/The Trial. I nearly fell out of my seat when they played this as a finale! Very good! Backup singers gave it their all, and the wallcrumbling was LOUD.

Meddle- Echoes. Encore! Fabulous! I loved it!

Animals- Pigs on the Wing (2). Gave the concert a great sense of continuinity.

Clapping and Cheering- Fifteen minutes. lol.


Probably the best coverband I've seen for Floyd I've ever seen, and I've seen a few. Very good! They played for about two hours, which was incredible. They looked worn out afterwards, lol.

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Pink Floyd cover band. They were very good, I was sort of surprised. They played one song from every album.


What's their name? I didn't know you guys had a Floyd tribute up there


We have Which One's Pink? down here in L.A. and it would rock if they played Dogs of War... I've been bugging them to play Learning to Fly forever and they did it at a show when I wasn't there. ROFL.


Anyways, cool that you had a good time and the band sounded good.

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I don't remember the name, it was something like Pink Pig or Prism of Light or something. Kind of generic...they're a travelling band, from Washington. All I remember was that they were really amazing.


It's great hearing Bike live. It's almost as good as hearing it on a record.

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My last concert was last weekend in Antwerpen (Belgium).

Pink was giving a concert in the 'Antwerps sportpaleis'.

I was going because my girlfriend is a huge pink fan but after seeing

her show i must admit that she's pretty good.

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