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  1. My advice to you would be to stay at the hotel where the ADA conference is. Typically, they will have a better deal than the other hotels. Otherwise, it's up to you. Caesar's is perfectly in the middle of all the action. Personally, though, I've found that Mirage has good service (but that's just me).
  2. I guess I'm a little late to this debate, but I've posted many times on many different forums on this topic (especially on Fark.com). My problem with PETA is that they are contradictory. What about the charges against the PETA members who have thrown dead dogs that they killed into dumpsters to try to disguise the fact that they themselves kill animals? PETA uses SHOCK tactics to attempt to get you to change your mind. I'm all for people being vegetarians and vegans, but I'm a meat eater, and I honestly couldn't care less what other's think. It's personal choice. Except for when I see people claiming all this stuff, and still eating meat products. Don't claim that there's torture in one place, but then deny it when you're stuffing yourself full of cake (see above). If you're claiming that chickens are "tortured" for their meat, they're also "tortured" for their eggs too. And for weetopia, zoos have done a lot of good, and it seems that you don't see that. If it wasn't for zoos, white tigers and giant pandas would be extinct. /honestly sick of all this vegetarian crap... especially with PETA //believe what you believe in, but don't try to convert me with your crap
  3. Thanks bgwfreak. The park is much more than just your typical "ride" park. The fact that I got in for free on my birthday negates whether the rides were good or not, as their aquatic exibits were really good.
  4. It hasn't been painted lately (there was rust and flaking paint on the track). It looked old and very tired...
  5. I just woke up, and my head still hurts a little. The only consolation was that there were sharks a plenty.
  6. I now have to proudly say "Dragon" at Ocean Park. Read my Photo TR to find out why.
  7. More pics continued... "We're about to get wet!" Signature shot! Another signature shot! (okay, maybe not) It was that hot that I stooped to buy one of those battery-operated fans. It was at least 40+ or 100+ after the effects of humidity. A shot of some of the rides in the "Highland" portion of Ocean Park. Where the sea lions and seals chill out... A boring ride, but one of the prettiest views ever... The S/S tower, and the "shudder" Arrow. Mini Ferris Wheel that kept on repeating a Chinese version of the Barney song "I Love You". I noticed that the operator had ear plugs on. The adult on the ride screamed more than the kids combined... WTF???
  8. Here are the pics that I took today, July 9th, 2006 for my Photo-TR to Ocean Park: View from my apartment. It was pouring like crazy when I was about to leave for Ocean Park. Why does it have to rain everytime I go somewhere for the day? The "Simplified Chinese" was the exact same as the "Traditional Chinese". WTF??? Jellyfish everywhere... Second picture of a jelly fish... I thought I was back in the late 60's... wait a moment, I wasn't born back then... groovy... Someone loved the jelly fish... My head hurts thinking about this ride... This machine was whack... some little girl hit 130+ each time, but this huge guy only hit 70-80. WTF? Where's Godzilla when you need him? The cutest little mini eels ever... Another awsome shot of the mini eel... A very unappealing flat ride...
  9. NOTE: photos are updated below... So, my dad's gracious cousin decided to take me to Ocean Park today for my 22nd birthday. I'd heard much both about the state of the park's coasters and the ride operations (especially from Robb), so I was rearing to test out his findings. Like my last Photo TR on Hong Kong Disneyland, the day started off with a downpour. Now, this is not your normal North American downpour, it's like a downpour. So I figured that I wouldn't be able to get the two credits (which many have stated aren't very good to begin with). However, after the short taxi ride to Ocean Park (If anyone has been there, and been on the mine train, you will know that across the water, there is a huge mountain, I live behind the mountain), it was a little overcast, which was a good thing, considering that it was 40+ Celcius with humidity. One good thing: since it was my birthday, they let me get into Ocean Park for free... zing... After we entered, we immediately headed for the cable car. It's surprising that the cable car's been running for 20 years straight without any problems. We immediately wanted to hit Dragon, the infamous Arrow looper, but there were "technical difficulties", so we hit the jelly fish exhibit. Ocean Park's much more than the crappy rides, and except for the fact that it was cramped and crowded, it was a really, really good exhibit. We then realized that Dragon was now running, so me and my dad's cousin's boyfriend hit it up. The operations were pretty good, surprisingly, and we were at the front in minutes. However, that's all that is good about that ride. I've played both football and hockey, and I've taken helmet to helmet hits and sticks to the head, and hits from behind, but I have never, never felt so banged up riding Dragon. It felt like I had been concussed, I am not joking. I barely could walk afterwards (several family members wanted me to go to first aid). The guy who I was taking the ride with thought I was joking about it being rough until he realized he had a headache too. The part that really got me was right after the second loop, they have a semi-pretzel style loop and it's the tightest I've ever ridden, and it hurt. After that, we went on a S/S drop ride, which was actually pretty good (I got a good flash of thong from the girl sitting next to me - SCORE!). We then had lunch, and then headed to the aquarium portion of the park, and we spent an hour (in air-conditioning) watching the fish and the sharks swim by. I declined the water flume ride (it was a popular attraction), and by that time, we were all pooped (it being 40+ or 100+ for you Americans). We were about to leave when we saw the line for the Mine Train was non-existent, so we figured, five minutes in, five minutes out. How wrong were we! Half an hour later, we board the train when it should have taken us at most ten minutes. They don't allow you to pre-queue, they just allow you to stampede. They allowed some guy to ride over and over again. I was about to scream at them in Cantonese and several of my relatives had to calm me down. The ride itself isn't bad, the view is pretty good. In fact, I almost got my middle fingers up for the ride picture, but I didn't get them up fast enough... We then went down to the lower portion, and my little second cousin got her chance to ride the rides that she liked, while we just sat there and sweated it out. All in all, a decent day. Except for the two coasters. They won't change their ways until Disney builds a coaster (if they ever), and they lure the people away from Ocean Park. Until they feel pressure, they won't change their operations. It was free admission however, and the sea lions, jelly fish, and aquarium more than made up for the lousy rides. PS: Robb, I found out from a good source why the Dragon Centre rollercoaster isn't running. Apparently the humdiity difference between the part above the mall and the part above the skating rink is so big that it is causing problems in the track, and they were/are worried that there may be some minute track failure that could cause trouble, and so they decided to shut it off.
  10. Yeah, well, most of the time I didn't really have a choice. I would pull Derek's hands away but by then it was too late. Beemerboy, go to hell. Nicole, just teach them a lesson, the next time you're on a trip with them, and they're sleeping, antique them or something. Then they'll stop messing with you... 14,000+? Dayum.
  11. I think what 307 said about making sure you have enough time to get from one park to another with enough time for you to get some rest is probably the most important thing, seeing that you're from the UK, and driving on the other side of the road will just be one of the many problems you'll face. But if you plan enough time between the parks to get there, you should be fine.
  12. Maybe Pleasurewood Hills is trying to reinvent themselves, but they haven't got the money to do so, that's why they have two names for every ride.
  13. You look like you're completely out of it in the last pic... Which happens to look exactly like I did the moment before I went to bed the first day I was in Hong Kong. I didn't sleep for 37 hours.
  14. It depends. Recently (In the past year), I've flown Air Canada and BWIA. Normally, however, we fly the Star Alliance companies (Air Canada, United, etc...) mainly because they're the only ones out of Toronto, and two, because my dad travels so much for business that he gets one or more free tickets a year. I'm going to hit up Singapore Airlines in August to visit my mate in Perth. Heard they are pretty good.
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