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  1. Haven't had mine yet. I tend to scare wimmenz away with my charm.
  2. Well...that's my work phone. Here is mine. It's a something or other
  3. First: Looks like you had fun Soren. Awsome! Second, although the SUV stretch's are quite luxurious and ghetto fabulous, please use caution when riding in one! If have you have the option of a Towncar, or Caddy stretch, take one of those. The SUV stretch's are extremly dangerous, and very, very fragile. I don't mean to be a pooper on the party, but giving you all a heads up. They are very, very, very unsafe vehicles. Trust me, I know about these things.
  4. I believe in atleast one of them. That's all I'm sayin.
  5. It's because he came down with a major case of the crazies, and hasn't recovered yet.
  6. I played Mario Party for 6 hours straight over the weekend with some peeps. Great game.
  7. Great camera Snugs! That thing looks mint!
  8. Thus why these boycotts never work. The only thing that happens is prices go up.
  9. I pumped 45 bucks worth of gas, just to make sure that this boycott doesn't make our prices go up anymore.
  10. lol!! I don't care much for JV and Elvis either.
  11. Wow, this is a great idea.. again Gas prices aren't going to go down, the only thing they are going to do is go up, because the demand for gas is going to be twice as much in a day or two, and the stations will make a bundle off of it. Also, the lines for gas will be crazy. It never works, it just gives the oil companies more money.
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