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  1. Who was your favorite and least favorite finalist, runner-up or winner of any season, I need to know! Best: Clay Aiken Worst: I said I would kill myself if Sanjaya Malakar won. Other favorites: Elliott Yamin, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Bo Bice.
  2. I rally don't like neither at all. Both of the chains are too overrated in everything. Wendy's for the win.
  3. What is your favorite ramen? Please tell me, if you don't eat ramen, just say pass. Name: Producer: Flavor: Mine is..... Name: Nong Shim Spicy Producer: Nong Shim Flavor: Shin Ramen (spicy flavor) this stuff is awsome....
  4. Which company do YOU think is better than the rest when it comes to FCs? Personally of corse, i like the B&Ms. Only pick one of them please!
  5. Congrats for both of you! P.S. Elissa, i'm glad you are alive! Must have felt like Vekoma crap . You were probally wishing it was like Intamin!
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