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Ever been on a coaster when it broke down (got stuck, etc.)?

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I have never been stuck on a coaster but I almost got stuck on Primevial Whirl at Animal Kingdom, because I was in line myself they asked if there were any groups of 1 or 2 to go with another group of 2 so I got to skip the very last part of the line. I had just gotten out of my car and walked through the exit when I saw all the cars stop moving. Cars were stuck on the lift hill and on the block brakes throughout the ride. I then saw them evacuating people from the ride and people walking down the lift hill while the other people in the middle of the ride were sitting there waiting to be evacuated. Had I not gotten on the ride when I did thanks to them asking for single riders, I would have been stuck on the ride.

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I got stuck in the station of S:ROS at Darien Lake for 20 minutes, Top Thrill Dragster broke down twice while I was in line (I waited a total of 1 hour 45 minutes). Cedar Point's Demon Drop was broken down, I was on the loading platform. I went through a couple of fun houses with stairs broken down at the New York State Fair (both were in the same visit) Primeval Whirl bokre down just as I was about to get in line but opened about 2 minutes later. I waited in line for Millennium Force and it broke down, I waited in line for 20 minutes, but got tired of waiting and went to a resturant for some soda near Mantis. The train was about 1/3 up the lift, then 5 mintes later, it opened up again, but I headed over to Mantis anyway. Just an opinion, i think it would be really cool if Kingda Ka broke down and the train stalled at the very top. You would get a great view.

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Do yall remember when the Rocket Rods @ DL still exsisted? You know how they always broke down? One day (my first credit on Rocket Rods) I rode it. Yo know how it was like a minute long. IT took us TWENTY minutes to finally reach teh station. Geez, I hated that ride.

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Got stuck once a couple of years ago, on the lift of Top Gun at Carowinds for about a half hour. Really wasn't that big of a deal although it did start getting cold as the sun went down. They eventually evaced us down the lift and gave us exit passes for our troubles.

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April 1995, stuck on Splash Mountain at WDWD at age 4 for 25 minutes in the dark, very fun (yeah right)


-June 1995, stuck at the top of the lift hill on Rolling Thunder at SFGAv age 5. 30 minutes, didn't go back on till next year.


-Feburary 2001, My mother and I were stopped in the HaunteD Mansion in the magic Kingdom for a little while while they were loading/unloading handycaped guests!


-Feburary 2001, Broke down in The ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter in the Magic Kingdom, and the ride was evacuated.


-April 2001, E-stopped on Batman The Ride at SFGAv on the brake run at age 10, in the dark, with my twin, freaked me the hell out! About 20 minutes



-April 2002, Stuck halfway up the lift hill on the Coney island Cyclone for 15 minutes, at age 11.


-June 2002, Stopped half way up the lift on Saw Mill Log flume at SFGAv because there were too many boats!


-June 2003, E-stopped twice on Batman The Ride at SFGAv, at age 13, that was was a fun 45 minute ride.


-August 2003, E-stopped on Comet at The Great Escape for 10 minutes, with Anthony and 8 year old sister Savannah


-July, 2004, My restraint wouldn't open on Top Spin 2 at Coney Island. My cousin was just laughing at me. They had to take it off manually.


-August 2004, Anthony, Savannah, 8(first time on this ride, and getting stuck on one), and I got stuck on Super Manège at La Ronde,at the top of the lift for almost a minute


-August 2004, Went on for the third time that day and got stuck at the top of the lift, by myself, in the front row again! For 2-5 minutes I was by myself (because every one was eating but I was doen. And wonted to ride again.


-Saptember 2004, Me, Anthony, and my friend Angie got stuck on Robin chiller in the station for 5 minutes. let me tell you, being stapled in for that long, hurts!


-September 2004, Me, Savannah, and my friend Angie got stuck at the top of Rolling Thunder at SFGAv for a minute or two at night!


-Saptember 2004, I got stuck in the station of Superman: Ultimate Flight at SFGAv, becuase my restrain wouldn't open!


-October 2004, Anthony, Savannah I over shot the lift of High speed Thrill Coaster at Knoebels, and we were stopped for about 8 seconds. (Picture below!)


-October 2004, When savannah and I were on The Flyers at knoebels, the motor went dead we sat there for a few minutes. The ride juist started, and I t was our first time on it!

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I was on Millennium Force when the lift cable snapped. (Yes, I worked there and it was a full train of employees, I believe it would have been Labor Day weekend of 01 or 02). That was interesting.


I've also been on a Wildcat rollback, also as an employee during post-rain test-runs.

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At the second Coasters After Dark at Great Adventure this year I got stuck on the lift hill of Nitro for about 10 minutes. Nothing too scary though considering there are service steps that go all the way up the hill on both sides so the height was not a factor. Plus, those seats are so damn comfortable that I could have fallen asleep I was so relaxed.

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Been stuck countless times on Inferno (I see some here been stuck on it also).


Best One so far happen this year in July, When the train slowly stop near the top of the lift hill for a good 12 min, Me and Rob were so hoping for a evacuation down but never happen . Great restart thou going very slow over


To then make it into the papers with some bullcrap about 50 (was 28) People Stuck in the Heatwave for 25+mins and people scared and no help ect.



Other evacuation was on a RCCGB Loopathon event at Drayton in 2003 on Klondike Gold Mine and got stuck on the block brakes and having to walk down a ladder.

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Three weeks ago I got stuck on the second spike of Deja Vu for about 10 minutes 8)

Haha, that was an awesome ride. There were about 8 coaster enthusiasts on that train, so not as many people were letting out the screams of terror, but rather screaming for fun. Good times


Aside from Deja Vu I have been stuck on two rides


Superman, going into the station it just stopped, and we were there for about 6 or 7 minutes


Not a coaster, but I've been stuck on Acorphobia twice (on the same day even), once for 7-8 minutes, the next a good 15 minutes, including two free rotations up top.

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Never been stuck on a coaster but I've been stuck on Spider-man at IOA countless times. Once I was so close to getting evacuated. They homed the cars and then at the last possible moment it started again.


Later thet day it started going down every 10 minutes. I talked with a ride op and asked if he knew why it was breaking down so much. He said the ride doesn't break down, it just stops.

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The only ride I have been stuck on was TTD. We were on the second train as we were heading out to the waiting area to be launched. The train stoped. I looked over at the operator booth and saw a red light flashing. We were then backed up to the station postions and then went back to the launch. Not that exciting a roll back would have be better.

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Been on 4 break-downs, 3 of which happened on the same day.


The first one was kinda embarassing - getting stuck on the middle of the lift hill at Wild Adventures' Vekoma roller skater. Eh, I have a thing for kiddie/family coasters but still, I don't wanna wind up on some local news report about a stuck kiddie coaster!


But the best ones happened on an outing to SFoG. Within the time frame of about 1.5 hours, I got stuck on S:UF's brake run for about 15 minutes. (I've never heard so many men complain about their genitals in so short a time.) A little while later we headed over to the Gotham area and boarded Batman. Got stuck just on the beginning of the lift hill for about 10 minutes...


SO, we head straight over to Mindbender, with the husband joking whether he should get on the ride with me. But surely it won't happen a third time... HA! We get mostly up the lift hill when, yet again, the train freezes in place. We were stuck about 15-20 mintues and had a fun time chatting with the folks in the seat behind us. My husband then declared he refused to ride anything else with me for the rest of the day claiming I was a jinx, but luckily it didn't happen again.

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