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Ever been on a coaster when it broke down (got stuck, etc.)?

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Around 1983 I got stuck on The Legend at Arnolds Park. We were stuck on the bunny hills at the end of the ride. It was pretty cool when we had to get out and walk the rest of the way to the station.


My favorite has to be in 2004 my brother and I were stuck about 210' up Millenium Force's lift hill in the front row. After about 10 minutes the ride op came up in the car that goes up the side of the track to check someones seatbelt. There was a teenage girl in row 2 that was freaking out, screaming and crying. Finally after about 20 minutes we started again on another great ride. When we got into the unload station they told us that we could get off or stay on if we wanted. After a little encouragement even "freak out girl" stayed on for the reride.


To sum it up, 20 minutes of a great view, and 1 1/2 hours of waiting in line for a 2nd ride avoided.


Last year on Spiderman at IOA, the last 3 scenes were not on while we went through them. It was kind of cool going around looking at nothing.



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E-stopped on a round-up at vertical, I was almost at the top too The next was on the rollercoaster at joyland, and the barrel of cement on a rope that makes the skid brakes work, fell of, so they had to get a new rope to hang a barrel of cement from, and I got 6 rides.

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I have had Rodeo at SFNE (Huss Breakdance) stall on me twice early in the ride cycle, and on Cyclone at SFNE I got stuck about a qaurter of the way up the lift, probably less for like 5 seconds, then it started back up again.

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E-stopped on a round-up at vertical, I was almost at the top too The next was on the rollercoaster at joyland, and the barrel of cement on a rope that makes the skid brakes work, fell of, so they had to get a new rope to hang a barrel of cement from, and I got 6 rides.


You can't get E-Stopped vertical on a Round Up. The ride senses any loss of power or force that is moving it and it imediately lowers.

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Well it wasn't exactly vertical, but it was up. I'm not sure if it was e-stopped or not, because the ride operator looked suprised, and I heard the little tire thingy SCREEEECH, and I could hear the electric motor being spun without electricty.

EDIT: Also, another factor was that this is a trailer mounted 1960 model

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I've been stuck on:


American Eagle(SFGAM)


Raven(Holiday World)


I have also witnessed the Raging Bull(SFGAM) get stuck at the top of its lift, Legend(Holiday World) get stuck on its brake run,and Iron Wolf (SFGAM) get stuck in its lift.

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I got stuck on the vertical lift of Journey To Atlantis in Seaworld San Diego, for about 10 minutes. We had a great view from up there.

They solved the problem and we finished the ride with a great splash.


But one of the next boats got stuck on the first lift and all the people had to be evacuated. The ride was down for at least 30 to 50 minutes.

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The Roar at SFA for 15 minutes on the breakrun before the station. Oh yeah I forgot about when my friends and I were on the Rebel Yell (backwards) got stuck for 10 minutes on the lift hill and my cousin got stuck on Batwing's lift hill for 20 minutes.

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-I was on Deja Vu and we vallied before the 2nd hill. We waited 6 minutes and then were pulled up the second tower and completed the cycle. Apparently the catcher car was messed up. Then, once we got back to the station, the floor wouldnt come up so we had to wait for that. Then the restraints on row 9-16 wouldnt release (i was in row 11). Hard to believe but this was all on the same train. it wasnt fun.


-on X the Chain lift stopped on our way up, then started a gain and then repeated the same action 3 times. It was really weird.


- Shortly after silver bullet opened, the lift got stuck for a minute or two, nothing major


- The train before mine got stuck on ghostriders lift with the front car over the top and starting to go down. it jammed or something


- Got stuck in the sky tower for three or for minutes.


- Saw supreme scream go halfway up and then stop for a minute.


- Saw perilous plunge get stuck near the top of the lift and then after 20 mins get evac'ed


- Saw one of the goliath trains get stuck halfway up the lift for an entire day


- Saw Viper Get stuck coming out of the station for an hour. (sad thing was, they didnt evac the ppl)



This didnt happen to me but a girl in my spanish class was stuck in the flying position on tatsu for 45 minutes. They gave them two front of the line passes to any ride in the park!!!

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I got stuck on Tazmanian River Rapids at Wild Adventures for about 20 mins, and then on Superman Ultimate Flight @ SFOG for about 15 mins. There is a funny story about waiting in the line for S:UF, and I'm about to tell you...


OK before going into the park we ate at Captain D's (convinietly placed by a porn video store), and my step dad had the paper and was reading it. He knew how siked up I was about going to SFOG, so he tried to mess with me head. He "read" to us that GASM was down for the day, because of some sorta thing. *Later* While in the line for S:UF I looked over at GASM, and while it was going up the lift it stopped. I was like "WHAT THE HECK! HE WAS RIGHT!" They were up there for 20 mins, but they didn't get evacuated. I thought that was kinda funny..

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I was once stuck on Batman: The Ride at SFOT on the brake run right before the load / unload area. It was in the middle of the summer, and the non-air conditioned metal room was very hot. I was there for about thirty minuets when they finally got the train in front of us to move!



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Back in 1997, I got stuck on the Tower of Terror at MGM Studios. After the ride ended my seatbelt (yes, I happen to get the middle seat with the only seat belt at the time..). Got stuck and wouldn't open.


In 2005, I got stuck on the Pirate of the Caribbean for about 30 minutes. We couldn't get off the stupid boats because we were stuck in the "pirate ship" section with all the cannons.. It was pretty dreadful.


Last, but not least.. I've gotten stuck on the Hulks final break stop. Nothing too dramatic though. :]

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Deja vu - Rollback/miscatch. 20 minutes

Goliath - Final Brakerun - 10 minutes

Riddler's Revenge - Station - 45 minutes (But they actually brought us water! That was pretty awesome!)

Roar - Lift Hill - 10 minutes

Indy - Evacuated

Xcelerator - Final Brakes - 15 minutes

Jurassic Park - Second (Main) Lift Hill - 10 minutes


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I was stuck on Test track, just at the build up to the impact test, which kinda spoilt the tension a bit.


OMG! Its gonna fire us straight into that....




There was also a bit of a log jam for 15 minutes on Splash mountain on the same day.


Pepsi Max Big One stopped about halfway up the lift and I had to walk down. Not a great experience for me considering Im scared of heights.


Im not sure this counts, but the Wildcat in Southport Pleasureland (RIP) had rather dodgy brakes last time I was there, requiring the ride ops to push the cars by hand off the final brake run into the station and off the station brakes to start the ride.

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2 Years ago I got stuck for about 40 minutes on Le monstre @la ronde

it was preyy darn creepy sice it was right on top of the lift but the when the ride started it was awesome (apart from the spine adjustment before the spaghetti bowl )

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mine don't ever ride on outta order ride but my mom's sis EVER

RIDE on like that stuff and that was TDL's Space Mtn then when

hittin' on the mid-brake the ride came to a halt in sudden so she

had to escape and takin' 20 mins to the exit in slight walk. "looks

Space Mtn's escape way's so narrow for footplaces and you can't

do that quick." she said. "was too scary coz i needed to grope in

the dark wiring the railings." i guess she was worn out after that

escape. i'm kinda worry when her talkin' on that stuff before i'm

gonna ride it. still now that mind been goin' on. oh hope i would not

get caught up like her. that's not good stuff 100% yeah.....

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