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  1. I think it's a really interesting result and I'm sure theme park designers always bare these statistics in mind. Look at places like Disney parks; hugely staffed, planned, and catered for/by gay men. I think a lot of the marketing is targetted at the gay community as we have all the cash
  2. Hello Robb and Elissa, My partner and I are interested in this trip; especially as it coincides with my birthday! Do you have the full itinerary at all yet? I can understand some of the problems with releasing a full itinerary; kind of reminds me of that episode of Will & Grace where Grace hides in the background and copies someone elses fitness programme in the gym! But of course with the special 'niche' nature of this trip, I don't think you'll find any freeloaders stowed away in the coach lol
  3. I think this thread is dangerously close to a thread posted previously that became deeply offensive after a while. When it comes to religious views, there's no option really but to agree to disagree. In respect to gay days - I can subscribe to both sides of the story. On the one hand, I've never been myself, but if it is indeed true that PEOPLE (and I emphasise the word people) are dry-humping and making out in an unacceptable manner in Disney World then this of course I would not tolerate. On the other hand, it is ironic that this event exists in the first place - simply because it i
  4. Does anyone know the technicalities of what they actually DID to improve it? Am I right in thinking they adding a few more blinking lights and whooshing sounds rather than changing the actual track?
  5. Having just returned, I would say that Tokyo Disneyland is a lot more like an 80's version of the Magic Kingdom in WDW, and very unspoilt. Obviously there are LOTS of small similarities between Tokyo and ALL the other Disney parks, but I think Tokyo has some very individual and unique characterstics centered mostly on the cultural context - where else would you queue for 30 mins for cappucino popcorn? Or experience being around POLITE and COURTEOUS people in a Disney park who know how to organise themselves, queue properly and watch a parade without standing infront of people? In a way I
  6. OMG I was on this ride about 2 weeks ago! I have to say my partner and I thought it sucked big time, and I can't quite understand how someone could have 'accidentally' fallen out. It's very sad, but hopefully now they might replace it with something better (and safer!) :shock:
  7. ^ They have a snowboarding and skating type thing in the Sega Joypolis, where you go sideways. Check out the Alveys Japan guide!
  8. I always get this horrible feeling EVERY time I go on Space Mountain in WDW - "This is it, this coaster is COMING OFF THE TRACKS!!!"... and of course it never does, but after what happened with Big Thunder... What do you think/feel is the most unsafe/dangerous ride currently in operation, and why? :shock:
  9. How about a standard looping coaster (not inverted) where you are on the OUTSIDE of the loop rather than the inside - how freaky would that be?
  10. How long do you think it would take to post your DVD to the UK out of interest?
  11. Hi Elissa and Robb, It's a silly question, but when you went to Japan, did you try speaking English to them first if you were odering food etc or did you speak Japanese to them from the off? I mean in Disney am i right in thinking most of them will expect people to approach them in English?
  12. I can't beleve they did that to Alien Encounter, and then they even had to dumb down Stitch because it was still 'too scary' for the kids. Surely a height restriction would be enough. How about 'Pooh's Haunted Wood Encounter' in pitch blackness....
  13. I think the Mummy beats the Hulk just because it's more fun. The Hulk makes me REALLY dizzy every time and batters my head around like a pinball. That last drop on Mummy with all the lighting effects is superb
  14. Hmm that's what i just tried. Maybe the pic is too big or something. I'll try again...
  15. Could someone tell me how to put a pic on here from my pc please?
  16. I agree. The Chinese Theatre IS the 'weenie' of that park. It's now blocked by that ridiculous hat. Andy why oh WHY did they close the back streets???
  17. What could be done to pull in more guests to Gatorland? Or do you think it's best left alone? What about an inverted coaster, winding over the lakes, with Gators inches under your feet? A drop tower with meat attached to your legs? A Vegas style 'Insanity' ride over the gator lake? Or am I missing the point lol
  18. I can't wait for HKDL to open up in September; it's the first Disney park i've seen being built from scratch in my life time (not including 'add-ons like animal kingdom, Disney Studios etc) and it looks like a cracking location! Does anyone know which hotels are most ideally suited for proximity to HKDL? Nemesis "Book the flights and accomodation now honey!" 20
  19. Epcot's World Showcase wins hands down there! My boyfriend and I went there nearly every night for a month to eat whilst we were in Orlando. The Japanese restaurant above Mitsukoshi is divine (if a little too cosy)
  20. Hey Aquatopia's a good idea Elissa! But they'd have a high water bill considering they drained it already lol I think it should be a Journey to the Centre of the Earth.
  21. Don't worry i avoid debates like the plague - they only ever go around in circles! Maybe it's a good idea to ban religious/ethical debates on this forum? While most people are able to post neutrally and in consideration of others, there are a few 'bad apples' that can turn a sensitive topic into a heated debate. It can be quite offensive and only encourages people to stand up for things that are too close to home. It IS a theme park forum afterall....lol
  22. I'm not sure where you go that idea. Seems to me like your reading into something way too much. There is not so much as an inkling of such a statement in my post. A misunderstanding one would hope . Most of my best friends are heterosexual, as i indeed find at times they are more accepting and 'chilled out' than some fellow gay people. I never said anyone was more accepting than anyone else, simply stating that my uni has a Christian LGB, and therefore they know what it's all about - as you said yourself, acceptance and love. Jose Eber, you are actually re-iterating the same positive
  23. I found the PC Japanese software the most effective learning method by far - i think it was the immersion one i used but not sure. The four day Disney pass was about £85 each which is bloody good value considering the scabbesville Thorpe Park here is £25 a day.
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