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  1. It sounds fun, but this Atlanta area resident will be out of town that week. Got inspired by the cruise photo thread last month and I managed to convince the husband to go on a cruise on Allure of the Seas that week! Hope you all have a great time though!
  2. HA! Coasterbear30 - I am in one of those neighborhoods not affected by the flooding. And I (and my H) would like to see the immediate progress made by SFoG after these last two days' floods. Long term residence folks are used to seasonal floods here, but yesterday's flooding was quite different than what usually happens yearly in this locality... And it sadly has not been without tragic results. (Though I agree with your "Sweep Ninja Away" prayer! Replace with an Intamin mini-hyper, like Goliath in Walibi-World!)... As for our experience here locally, our neighborhood was north of the most serious flooding. We're unaffected. But my H had to tele-commute today because every route he had to go to work into downtown ATL was blocked off by overwhelmed rivers or streams that cut off roads and highways. I'm leaning towards H and I going to SFoG just to support the park at this time. They likely need it.... But that depends on babysitting arrangements...
  3. AtlantaTimeMachine.com has a new page up, depicting 14 postcards from the park's early years, including a rare photo of what I suspect was the original dark ride before Monster Mansion was created (photo #5). You can see the postcards here - http://www.atlantatimemachine.com/misc/six_flags_thumbnails.htm Enjoy!
  4. Wow... There is just no such thing as a lawyer in Spain, is there? That said, the inverted "bouncy-bouncy" looked rather fun!
  5. Thanks for posting that video Cosmic_Hearse! That was hilarious! I didn't know there was a Rocky Horror Con in Vegas. Is that a yearly event?
  6. Thank goodness! Someone else who thought this! Totally agree... Let's see, I've seen the following on Broadway - Miss Saigon - both in Feb. 1994, and then the last Friday before it closed (w. Lea Salonga, Will Chase, Ruthie Henshall, etc. - just an amazing ensemble performance! Lea is one of the only performers I've seen who sang better IRL than on the cast recording!) Phantom of the Opera - 1990 w. Rebecca Luker Cats - 1990 The Rocky Horror Show Revival Cast - Jan. 2001 w. Joan Jett and Dick Cavett (that was a fun show! Made all the more fun by our neighbors who were half-drunk yuppies who had no idea what the show was about!) The rest I've seen though national tour companies - Les Miserables City of Angels Ragtime RENT Spamalot Wicked and some others I can't recall at the moment... Oh, for any RENT fans in this thread, the DVD of the final Broadway performance is due to be released on Feb. 3...
  7. I think a Raw devoted to defunct coasters is a wonderful idea! I definitely would be interested in buying that, and I look forward to seeing what you guys are able to do with this project!
  8. Something that helps us save a good amount of money for parks and park trips is taking advantage of my husband's company's employee discount partner programs. Granted this option may only help those who work for large companies like my H's, but it saves us a lot of money whenever we go to parks or on trips. Check with your employer's HR department to see if they offer such a program for employees. For instance, we did an Orlando trip in July 2006 and only had to pay about $100 total for a three night stay at a Kissimmee area hotel and $70 total for a two night St. Augustine FL side trip. Our tickets to any Six Flags park only cost about $17 per person through the discount program ($5 for parking passes as well). At that low price, we don't bother with season passes since we don't get to head out to SF very often (1-2 times a year usually). But if you do want to get an annual pass, the upgrade to the yearly pass option of $39 added to the discounted admission would also save you a few bucks over the normal annual pass rate.
  9. I can't remember where I read this, but someone asked this question about a year ago at another board (I think). Another person who had ridden the Greyhound before it went SBNO said that it was an OK coaster, just not anything special. I think they also commented on how little airtime it had for an older woodie... It's destruction was no great loss seemed to be the essence of the ride's review... And I'm hesitant to post this but I can't resist. There's a web site called AtlantaTimeMachine.com that takes old photos of sites around Atlanta and then recreates the photo from the same angle as the site exists today or at least very recently. They also did a now-and-then of location sites from "Smokey and the Bandit", seen here - http://www.atlantatimemachine.com/smokey/thumbnails.htm ... Scroll all the way down and there are two photos with partial glimpses of Greyhound and of how the site looks today. Enjoy.
  10. I've only been to WDW... And I'm a life-long Georgia resident. 1974 - First trip by my parents doing when I (and the park) was 3 years old. 1978 - 8 yrs old, with Dad and friends. 1984 - 13 yrs old, with parents and brother. 1988 - 17 yrs old, school band parade trip to EPCOT. 1989 - 18 yrs old, Grad Night trip to Magic Kingdom. 1999 - 28 yrs old, first trip with my husband and son. 2006 - 35 yrs old, anniversary trip with surprise "Keys to Kingdom" tour and detour day at MK. We may be going to Disneyland Hong Kong sometime next year since my husband will likely have a business trip to HK then. As much as I'd love to go to Disneyland, it's not likely to happen anytime soon, especially before the Hong Kong trip.
  11. HA! We saved the "super-bill" from our son's birth and NICU stay, as a joke to remind him to behave as he grows up or we'd let him get reposessed... That bill was just under $225,000, and that was just for the first two and a half months. Congratulations to the Alvey family on a healthy baby and delivery. She's adorable!
  12. Hmm, as a woman who didn't really start riding roller coasters until my son was about 4 years old, I find this thread amusing... I think a large part of the issue is that a lot of parents change their financial priorities once the kiddos come along. Money that was once spent on vacations and other non-essentials (new fads, entertainment, etc.) is funneled into more long term family oriented commitments, like college funds, a mortgage, and the ubiquitous mini-van. Amusement parks and fun time in general takes a back seat to school time/events, family visits to grandma's, and the daily grind of home and hearth. And when you're dealing with single parents, the financial and circumstantial burdens of being the custodial parent are limiting for the vast majority. Trying to find the time and funding to go off for any semblence of fun time without the kiddos can be daunting for even rather well-off single parents, never mind being one who enjoys ever increasingly expensive thrill parks... I do agree with most others in this thread that males are more generally oriented to thrill rides and adrenaline laden experiences, so those females who weren't terribly fond of thrill rides before having kids aren't usually going to suddenly find an interest in them after becoming a mother. But for myself, the desire to conquer a life-long fear of coasters at age 30 led to me becoming an avid coaster fan! Go figure....
  13. I did a zoom-in on the photo and I think maybe she had some face-painting done. It's defintely not a head-gear for braces, since like Ryan said, there's no visible support strap around her head or neck. It's likely either face-paint or perhaps some kind of prosthetic device to cover/protect a facial defect like cleft lip/palate or such...
  14. Really? I love her character. Oh don't get me wrong. I do really like the character and how she's been written. I just think that Peet is not the best actress they could have found for the role. Her acting style and sense of timing doesn't seem to entirely mesh with Sorkin's snappy dialogue style, but like I said earlier, she *is* getting better with it. At least she isn't as poorly cast as Moira Kelly was as Mandy in "The West Wing"'s first season. Oh but watching "Mandy" was just painful, considering how more well developed and acted the primary roles in WW were... Mandy was why fast-forward was invented.
  15. I just read that behind the scenes rumors say that the actress who played Eden was asking for a far higher per episode salary than the show could offer and was let go. So, she may have been killed off a little sooner than the writers and producers were planning... Still, it was a great twist to have her die in a manner that would not let Sylar take her power. And those last five minutes had my jaw dropped into my lap... January 22 is too far away!
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