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What is your favorite Roller Coaster?

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^The only B&M wing coaster I've ridden was GK and I didn't hate it. The first half was good but after the MCBR it was very weak. However, the worst problem for me were the vibrations I got if I sat behind the 3rd or 4th row. I rode it in August 2013 and I don't know if they have addressed that issue but it could get quite unpleasant as those small yet quick vibrations would give me a mild headache.

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the worst problem for me were the vibrations I got if I sat behind the 3rd or 4th row


Maybe it's just me but things like this never bother me on coasters where you can pick your own seat. I see why people would care but if you know the ride is better in the front 3 rows then why would you ever sit anywhere else anyway? That fixes the problem and unless you wait for the very front the wait time isn't any longer.


Even on rides where the ride needs to be ridden in the very front seat and wait times are increased it never bothers me because I just always ride in that seat and know that going in. That's why I don't care about vibrations on rides like Kingda Ka. If I know the ride experience is dramatically better in the front then I only wait for the front and the vibrations are a non issue anyway.


The only time this is a problem for me is when you have a grouper and it's just the luck of the draw. Banshee is a good example as it can shake quite a bit in the back. Goliath at SFNE is a more dramatic example. Your ride can either be amazing or excruciating depending on where you sit and you need to wait for an hour to see where you'll end up. That's a problem, but if you can pick your own seat I'm more than happy to keep picking the best seat (which on Gatekeeper and Wild Eagle is the front seat, left wing).

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I don't think you can give rides a pass like that though. There shouldn't be unridable or incredibly uncomfortable seats on the train. There are a few coasters I can think of with really bad seats and I'm not sure you can mitigate it by just saying "wait for a better seat".

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