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What is your favorite Roller Coaster?

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The rules are simple...


Reply to this thread and tell us what your all-time favorite roller coaster is! (or what they are!)


If you can post a picture, even better!


Use the TPR PARK INDEX to help you find pictures.


To post a picture from the Park Index into the forum follow these steps:


1. Locate the picture you want to post.


2. Right click on the picture and in IE select "properties" highlight and copy the picture URL. In FF click "copy image properties" It will look something like this:



3. In the forum click the IMG button on the navigation menu when making a post.


4. Paste the image URL in-between the IMG tags.




Here is my favorite roller coaster - Expedition GeForce!


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Well for now this is my favorite coaster


We will see after I visit SFMM


New Mexico Rattler


Here is a GREAT picture from some site called Themeparkreview.com


New Mexico Rattler


Here is the only pic I could find from My last time there, It's the train going underground.



Second, but very close would be the SCBB Giant Dipper


A picture of the New Mexico Rattler going into the shed and underground

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