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  1. It depends, really. The front seat is great on some rides, like Banshee, Flight of Fear, but on other rides the back is waaay better, like Vortex!
  2. Drop rides. I know, it doesnt sound like a "Guilty Pleasure" ride, but i usually ride Drop Tower at KI like 40 times in a day. I just like them more than most people. And here is a video I took of it!
  3. I love how they stopped the drop tower so people on it could watch.
  4. My guess would be... Son of Beast at Kings Island, Millenium Force at Cedar Point, and possibly Steel Dragon 2000. (obviously i was born in 2000)
  5. Thanks for the info! I was just wondering, since i have never been on one, and people all say they are bad. Here are a few that were apparently the worst ones.
  6. So I was thinking about SLCs, and about how they are really bad, and how there is so much headbanging, and about how there are 24 standard SLCs in the world, and then i was wondering, which is the worst one? (T2 doesnt count, as it is a prototype)
  7. Kings Island. I have been there probably 75 times this year. Banshee
  8. Hated every bit of it. NO ROLLER COASTERS EVER AGAIN! I said. Of when i went to Kings Island for the first time i loved roller coasters. Still hate Python. My first actual roller coaster made by a recognized company was Backlot Stunt Coaster at Kings Island.
  9. My favorite ride is Big Droppy Thing. Or probably any Intamin Gyro Drop for that matter. Image from Google Images
  10. Hello everyone! I now exist. I may or may not have existed before this post, but now I "Officially" exist. Things about me. Kings Island is my home park. My favorite rides and coasters there are Banshee and Drop Tower. My favorite coaster I have ever ridden is Top Thrill Dragster. My favorite coaster that i have not ridden is either Full Throttle or X2. My least favorite coaster that i have ridden is either Mantis or Flight of Fear. My least favorite coaster that i have not ridden is probably one of those really tall weird layout Chinese knock off SLC's. This is starting to sound like some sort of online dating thing for coaster enthusiasts.
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