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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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When you compare the photos of Scream and Medusa, you realize that Scream is one ugly coaster.


I LOVE the new paint on Medusa.


Scream is hideous. The fact that it is in a parking lot and still has parking stripes underneath the ride does not help either.

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Kumba has a bunch of qualities that make it a mindblowing B&M original though. Just think about how the inversions are placed just far away enough to sneak a microscopic air hill moment in between each one. You don't see it, but you definitely feel the awesome B&M floater in the transitions. Plus the tunnel is so awesome and it makes i noise that i dream about when you fly through it.



Medusa was a smoothed out version of Kumba, meaning they got ride of the those classic B&M transitions and made just smooth elegant changes in direction, and lacked the amazing, yet also elegant, airtime pops you got between.


Kumba is AMAZING. It's shocking how three coasters that are essentially the same (Kumba, Medusa and Scream) are so different in the quality of ride. Kumba is one of the most intense coasters I've ever been on - basically Batman the Ride intensity in a sitdown design... while Medusa and Scream are so watered down that I could fall asleep. I really wish B&M hadn't abandoned their intensity in favor of overly-engineered designs... wonder why they chose that route anyway... I'm sure maintenance costs had something to do with it.

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^I believe Mr. Bolliger is a primary designer, though his interview didn't explicitly say so. It also referred to Mr. Mabillard as Bolliger's "then partner", so I don't know if he's still involved.


The interview I'm talking about, BTW...



I do remember that Bolliger rides every one of his masterpieces after they're done. Not relevant, but interesting.

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After looking Phil's photos, I almost want to say the supports will stay purple. Looking at some of the pics, that purple paint looks new. I'm still holding out that the support paint is the old stuff and they'll end up a different color, but I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they stay that color.

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Goliath. They already used Viper there.


Honestly, I hope they do something to resemble the "Frontier Adventures" theme. SFGAdv has done a good job keeping the theme of the ride consistent with the theme of the area it's in (Ka, El Toro, Dark Knight), maybe they're starting to work on making the areas more cohesive and maintaining a thorough atmosphere. There are plenty of options for multi-sensory experiences to keep consistent with a frontier theme. Silver Dollar City has a whole park themed to that crap. You can do this, SF!

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Haha, its hard for me to imagine a bright blue and steel frontier-themed coaster.


Well, who knows what will happen. Six Flags can be predictable and un-predictable, and this is definitely one of those un-predictable cases. Seeing that X2 was awesome, i think even if Six Flags makes something completely random its still going to turn out great.



....Unless of course they theme it to Thomas the Tank engine.... hey the colors fit! I'm sort of scaring myself now...

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