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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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Kumba has a bunch of qualities that make it a mindblowing B&M original though. Just think about how the inversions are placed just far away enough to sneak a microscopic air hill moment in between each one. You don't see it, but you definitely feel the awesome B&M floater in the transitions. Plus the tunnel is so awesome and it makes i noise that i dream about when you fly through it.



Medusa was a smoothed out version of Kumba, meaning they got ride of the those classic B&M transitions and made just smooth elegant changes in direction, and lacked the amazing, yet also elegant, airtime pops you got between.

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...last chance to experience Medusa's original Greek mythology theme during the remaining days of Fright Fest.

I don't think any Medusa theming is the reason for the color change, since they imply all that stuff will be gone.


I'm particularly interested in this project, and am slowly growing impatient waiting for announcements, hints, anything. Thanks to a friend at Princeton, SFGAdv is one of a small number of parks outside Ohio I have a legit chance of visiting, I want to know what I'll get to do there!

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Actually I think it was just a matter of running rail track rust running down onto the lime green track of Medusa. The humidity will help do that in New Jersey. I don't think the lime really faded at all and thus was an ingenious pick for a coaster color. Medusa seemed to always have a nuclear lime glow.

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