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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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Bro, Jersey legalized pot not crack. Put it down.


That’s correct. If you’re in the state for less than 24 hours you’re perfectly in compliance with the quarantine but be warned that if you’re there for 24 hours and one second you’re not and you’ll be

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It looks like this shade of blue is most likely the primer considering how dull it looks, the final color will probably also be blue and this primer is to bring out the right shade of blue the color needs to look like. Like when your painting a room sometimes you need a special primer for the custom color you picked out to come out right.

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I personally think that this will turn out to be themed like "Scream!" at SFMM. The blue track is a similar shade of blue to that of "Scream!". I don't know if it might be cheaper for Six Flags to be painting the purple supports to more of a magenta (maybe they won't have to use a primer).

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I personally think that this will turn out to be themed like "Scream!" at SFMM.

That will be one strangely-placed parking lot, way back in the corner of the park like that.


I think every park should have a parking lot themed roller coaster. Maybe this will become a trend!

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