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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

P. 767: WinterFest Media Night Report

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It seems like every opportunity that RMC has to execute a barrel roll drop (ie, ~180 degree turn off the lift), they do. I wouldn't be surprised if that trend continues into all of their future installations. I've only ridden RMC's with straight drops so far, but the ride is looking good!

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Does anybody know if they announced the list of rides open for winterfest? Can't seem to find it anywhere.


Kings Dominion begins winterfest next year in 2018. Just Carowinds, Worlds of Fun, & Kings Island are the 3 parks that added Winterfest for this year.

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Does anybody know if they announced the list of rides open for winterfest? Can't seem to find it anywhere.


They haven't released it, but just assume it'll be underwhelming. This isn't something you'll hear me say very often when referring to Kings Dominion but just go to Six Flags America.


^ And hopefully CP too!


Live look in at the Winterfest Gatekeeper line...


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Albeit, Carowinds is my home park, Kings Dominion has always been my go to park and I'm probably way too excited about them getting this RMC MAKEOVER!!! I'm more than likely going to end up skipping class next semester just to be there for the opening of it I'm so STOKED for this!! FINALLY an RMC within driving distance


Sidenote: I wonder if Carowinds will do the same thing to their Hurler eventually.......

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^ And hopefully CP too!


I bet it would be quite cold on the Peninsula in November/December (which brings the question of IF Cedar Point did Winterfest next year, what coasters/attractions would be open?)


They can have ice skating on the peninsula.

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I seriously don't see Cedar Point ever doing Winterfest. The park layout is very conducive to the event since they could just close off the path at Corkscrew and Coaster's Drive in (which would be very easy to do) and give themselves an area near the front gate with 2 kids areas, an indoor theater for a Christmas show and a lot of family rides but I still just don't see it.


The more I think about it, the more I realize that if it weren't for the awful weather and low year-round population base it really would be the perfect park for a Holiday event though. It's really easy to section off the front of the park, and that area features:


- Two kids areas

- At least four heated, indoor restaurants (Melt, Midway Market, Johnny Rockets and Chickie and Pete's)

- A massive heated arcade

- Tons of heated gift shops

- An indoor, heated theater right near the front gate

- Tons of family rides

- Three observation style rides which are always really popular during Christmas events since people want to see lights from above (Windseeker, Sky Ride and Giant Wheel)

- Windseeker and Giant Wheel which make your job really easy as they already have insane lighting packages. Giant wheel can be programmed to show giant peppermints and snowflakes all day if you want. Whatever Christmas thing you can think of, Giant Wheel can show it.


Cedar Fair would clearly never run a B&M during Winterfest at Cedar Point but if they wanted to run a coaster they could choose from either Blue Streak (which I believe was the only coaster running on Ohio State Day this year where it was sleeting and miserable... they run Blue Streak in everything) or Wicked Twister where valleying isn't a concern. They also have Maxair which could honestly satisfy the thrill seekers on it's own. If they run Blue Streak, one train is more than sufficient so they could send the other one to PTC and let them work on that one while Winterfest is going on, then send the other one.


Despite all this, I feel like the weather and low year-round population of the area is a deal-breaker for them. Plus, even with half of a park I would imagine staffing this would be almost impossible. If they were 10 miles outside of Cleveland I think it would absolutely be worth a shot, but as it stands I really don't know if they could convince anyone to make the trip.


The only Christmas Event I could actually see them doing is one of those drive through things in the parking lot. Just use your existing parking booths and at the end just divert people back onto Perimeter road and have them make a left. Those events generally have a "Christmas Village" midway through which is a nice way of saying "Gift Shop" so maybe they could set up some souvenir tents / hot cider and cocoa stands near the gate and run the Carousel as an up-charge if they're feeling ambitious. That's pretty much the most I think anyone can hope for.


Edit: Now we're getting WAY off topic from Kings Dominion though. Sorry.

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