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  1. mistery solved https://blooloop.com/news/six-flags-kids-world-riverside/
  2. What could it be ? https://www.sixflags.com/springfield found on sfne.com
  3. roar at discovery kingdom did not close on August 16th? it could be an indication
  4. nope, unfortunately the page is visible only in america. could you save and post the photo here?
  5. according to the 2018 map ; skyscreamer and splash will change name to : supergirl sky flight and aquaman splashdown
  6. in the meantime, the parks have been removed from the premier park website https://www.premierparks.com/park-portfolio/
  7. data from the merlin parks are false. gardaland has lost a lot more
  8. change of novelty for la ronde https://www.laronde.com/fr/larondefr/attractions/newfor2018?_ga=2.130927567.196483299.1523278538-1254897779.1522495175
  9. mmmmmmm: Merlin builds a new coaster at alton towers , claims to spend 12 million, but is actually just over half (and holds many attractions closed) in Heide park they managed to close the colossus. create a horrible area for children (peppa pig) and remove 3 attractions. at Gardaland they managed to lose 800,000 guests and to cancel the roller coaster of 2019, because the money is used to repair colossus . this is how the Merlin parks work! Thorpe Park: we feel a veil of mercy p.s: I expect their sale soon
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