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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

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Seems too obvious for an April fools joke. I swear if the April fools joke is actually that it's not an April fools joke...


Did some other Cedar Fair park already steal the first RMC in the chain? I thought the KD fanbase would be all over this, saying next year will be the year... again

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I think it's for April Fool's but I mean if it's closed all season they might as well redo the entire track and make it RMCed (at least I hope...).

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^^When Dominator was at Geauga Lake, that side of the ride faced the lake, with that portion of the track over water. Those connections supported a catwalk so as to be able to reach that track, since it wasn't above land. KD probably left it off since the whole ride is accessible now.

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We visited KD this weekend and had a really great time. I had been to this park twice before, visiting for two days each time, both in 2014. This was a 1.5 day visit.


Left home at 4:00 Sat AM and hit Theme Park Way right at 10:30. There was a delicious Wawa breakfast in between and miscellaneous stops along the way. Easy drive. Light traffic, lots of rain. At the park it rained off and on all morning (perfect!) and Intimidator was closed 'till afternoon. FoF was also down our first time by.


Hustled into the park and waited five cycles for a front row Volcano ride. Followed (roughly in order) with Avalanche, Backlot, Delirium, Rebel Yell, Blue Ridge Tollway (Antique Cars), Flying Eagles, I305 x3, FoF, Boob Lasters, Woodstock Express, Dominator x2, Grizzly, Dino Alive walkthru, Shendoah Lumber (logflume), Grizzly, Drop Zone, I305, Anaconda x2, Boob Lasters, Dominator. Spent an hour at the arcade too. As hoped, lines were minimal. We did pass on Ricochet and an afternoon Volcano reride after seeing moderate queues. Ate some fried chicken tenders, mashed taytos and macaroni &cheese. We had a slice of pizza later in the day and the lady in front of us bought two pies and drinks for five or six kids....$87.47.


As always, Woodstock Express was the real standout here. I305 was hauling tail and as exhilarating as ever . The Flyers are a decent set, got them snapping a bit. I kind of enjoyed Dino Alive, but I'm pretty nerdy. Delirium triggered a pet peeve so I found it uncomfortable. Afternoon cleared up beautifully and the crowds never came. Did the night at King's Quarters which was not a great value but extremely convenient.


Sunday was supposed to be wake up and drive home but we decided to swing in for a few last rides. It was WAY cold!! Flashed our passes for early entry and got in two quickies - back AND front - on Volcano before any wait formed. Frozen hands. Headed over to I305 to see it testing and groups being turned away. I was like "lets watch a ghost train on this beautiful machine" and next thing I know a group of four is walking through the entrance. They went to the back four seats and we got front row on the day's opening ride with no wait! Woohooo!! Just the six of us on the train. It was a weird experience. While still an incredibly fast ride, it was also very noticeably more sluggish than usual, which gave this odd slow-motion effect. For the first time ever I barely greyed out at all on the first turn.



The place was basically empty so we ended up staying way later than we should have and rode Avalanche, FoF, Boob Lasters, Bad Apple (awesome hilarious operator), Rebel Yell, Ricochet x2, Grizzly, Flyers & Dominator. Ricochet's first turn then immediate "large" drop is fun. With no line, we both voted for a reride. Great quick day at the park. Left at 1:30 and dealt with a nightmarish I-95. Used both EZPass express corridors, hauled it thru NJ, didn't stop for dinner, and got back at 10pm. Bleh! Still, great weekend.


Didn't take many pics but who can resist snapping a couple of Dom?


Clear, crispy day.


These look so different from each angle, they don't even appear to interlock here.


Such majestic!


I also happened to be wondering about the unused mounts

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So, my first visit to Kings Dominion is this weekend on Apr. 9, but the weather is making me extremely nervous. Temps in the low 50's, and possible RAIN and SNOW! This will also be my ONLY VISIT, and I'm not sure if I should take that chance or not. I could move my date to Sunday if I have to since the weather is a little better, but I'm not sure. My goal is to get three main coaster credits: I305, Dominator, and Volcano. If I could get those three credits I'll manage otherwise. Not to mention I have a 12+ drive from Alabama. Is it worth going with possible minimal crowds on Saturday, or wait till Sunday when most rides might be open?

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^I personally would wait and go Sunday if this will be your only chance this year to go. The temps will be a little warmer and less windy according to the forecast on weather.com.



Thanks. I've been keeping check on the weather, and it seems to be improving a little. I hope it turns into Partly Sunny. That would be great!

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In my past experiences at KD, the temp may be low, but the crowds are also low. Lots of rerides to your hearts desire on those kind of days.


Awesome! I may just have to endure whatever comes and make the most of my day. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to get the main coasters and thrill rides in. I went to SFMM back in 2013 in November, and it was COLD, COLD! But all the major rides were open and everything was a walk on! I had a blast that day! I might have to take that chance again at KD and just have fun regardless.

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Yea you should be fine. Yes it may be cool out and it may rain but everything remains open unless there's a down pour, lightning or extremely high wind for Windseeker. So yea Windseeker maybe closed for the day. I'm taking my 5hr trip there from Charlotte myself on Saturday.

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