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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

P. 767: WinterFest Media Night Report

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Evidently the park confirmed today that Hurler would be closed this season "for maintenance".


I sincerely hope this involves RMC and not another Ghostrider style project.


Maybe when it reopens it won't break two of my ribs like it did during the New Hotness trip back in 2012

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Hurler isn't that bad, it's just not that good either. Seriously people how many times do I have to tell you about the 2 bench PTC trick? Lol


Row 1: Lean Forward and stay off the seat back. It makes almost every 2 bench PTC enjoyable. Even rides like Mean Streak and Wild Beast.


I do follow that rule (when lines aren't insane or I have Fast Lane)...and Hurler still sucked.


I think the one at Carowinds might be a smidge better because they did track work on it last year, didn't they?


I can easily tolerate Mean Streak in the front seat and actually think it's kind of fun in the front seat - especially at night. We didn't get to ride Wild Beast in the front because we didn't want to wait for the long line...and believe me, we paid for it dearly.

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It definitely only hits its maximum height for one swing - is that how Kings Island and Cedar Point run theirs? I always felt like MaxAir had a really long cycle.


Canada's Wonderland's version only hits max angle twice....and that was when I was the park two years ago. Wouldn't surprise me if its down to one by now.

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In my opinion, you should have to ride any coaster any special way to enjoy it. You should be able to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.


That would be nice. However, I don't think it's possible to build a wood coaster using PTC trains where some seats are more comfortable than others, or one that is intense without the wheel seats being somewhat rough (at least with age and assuming non-RMC traditional wood). And coasters that were run with PTC trains before switching to Millenium Flyers (single-row cars) have no seat positions that provide any relief from that roughness, although better on average and reducing track wear.


If you're visiting somewhere and a coaster isn't special, it probably isn't worth "learning" to ride, but at your home park it can be very worthwhile, IF the coaster has potential to be fun, which IMO Hurler was through 2009, might would have been a couple more years if it weren't for the brake, and will need serious work to ever be again. They've done that much work on Rebel Yell since 2008, although soon they'll need to start over because it's getting rough again... I've sworn off rides at KD due to roughness etc., only to learn to ride them later and continuing to ride them regularly thereafter.


I'm wondering where the info about Hurler came from ... although all should be answered within a few days.


Re: Delirium, I hope they keep the short cycle until I can try it.

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Media Day for Delirium


Kings Dominion unveiled their new Mondial Revolution, Delirium, during Media Day on Friday, March 18. Now I know that some of you may miss Shock Wave, the stand-up coaster in Candy Apple Grove that Delirium replaced (I am not among you). But, frankly, Delirium, while swinging through its 120-degree arc to a maximum height of 115 feet, delivers more airtime than the old Togo coaster ever did.


Park president Pat Jones, in her remarks before turning the ride over to the group, described it this way: While the park has been restoring classic decorative elements and maintaining classic rides in Candy Apple Grove, Delirium represents "another generation of thrills."


And thrill it does. I enjoyed riding Delirium, and my butt was out of that seat a couple of times. It's quite a sensation as you swing out 115 feet over the park, revolving as you go.


TPR thanks the park's media staff, Scott Clemmons and Katelyn Sherwood, and Pat Jones for the opportunity to participate in the Delirium Media Day.


Here's a look at what went on.



Welcome to Kings Dominion! Perfect Weather for a media day!


This is why we're here . . .


. . . as well as for the cool Delirium patch.


Hmm--something appears to be missing here. Wonder what it could be? ;)


My first look at Delirium close up--and a nice sign photo for Larry and the Park Index.


Park officials Scott, Pat, and Katelyn invite the group to become delirious.


As I said, park officials, and a guy with a big hand, were present.


Who's ready to ride?


Very well! Let the awesome begin!


This is for all those who rigorously study all ride manufacturers. You know who you are.


Not quite to 115 feet yet--but close.


Looks like they're enjoying themselves. The "hair time" gives it away.


"Oh my god! Save me Jeebus!"


Be sure to kick your legs out to make it swing even higher! ;)


Here's a shot form the "Lawn Formerly Known as Shock Wave." This gives you an idea of how high this bad boy gets. You'll be interested to know that the black speaker was blasting out "We Built this City" at that moment.


The park ran Bad Apple during the media day, too.


When there is a media day, there's always fool. Red-velvet fried Oreos, anyone? (They were very good.) They also had chicken and waffles, beef sliders, and pulled-pork and shrimp tacos. It was all very tasty stuff.


Not to mention ice sculptures and cupcakes.


These Delirium Cookies were great.


Well, looks like it's time to go.


Heading out. Thanks again, Kings Dominion!

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Looks like a great addition for the park! I just hope they can extend the ride cycle by a swing or two.


One thing that looks a little odd, is all the empty space on both sides of the ride. It's hard to tell from the Webcam, but what is that trench to the left of the ride?

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Actually, I think the short ride cycle is a good idea. The lines this first season will be very long, and a longer cycle will just make the wait times even longer, and less people will ride it. But as the GP's hype dies down, they should extend the cycle in future seasons. Honestly, I thought Max Air and Black Widow were so awesome, I don't care if the ride is short this year!

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The lines this first season will be very long, and a longer cycle will just make the wait times even longer, and less people will ride it.


I think that is exactly the reason. When Sledgehammer (Bobbejaanland) opened back in 2004, the cycles were short aswell. But the next season, the ride time was much longer.

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Oh WOW! Any time we have a Media day and seeing the cool pictures of Kings Dominion always get me excited, actually more like X-SITE-TED!!! With the new ride in place, I but this whole are will be a lot of Applesauce - I mean, Awesome Sauce ( Is that one word or two? The computer misspells it as one word and corrects it as two. On the other hand, maybe I'll stick with applesauce.).


Now as for John Peck who asked this question "What is missing in that fourth photo?" Well, isn't it obvious? I"M NOT THERE RIDING THOSE RIDES!" That's what's missing, but I hope to correct that problem within the next few weeks.


And that would be a lot of Applesauce!

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