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  1. I predict that in addition to RMC Hurler, the Apple Turnover may return as either a refurbished or newer Enterprise model! There may also be a renovation to Candy Apple Grove with a few more flat ride additions, making 8/16 the "Biggest Announcement in KD's history!"
  2. It looks like Busch Gardens Williamsburg filed permits for a 315 ft. attraction that may likeley be a coaster. If so, it would surpass Intimidator 305's maximum 305 ft. height and break the record as Virginia's tallest coaster! I'm skeptical about the intensity of the newly propsosed ride and curious about what KD has up its sleeve for 2018.
  3. There is a possibilty that the RMC version of Cyclone for 2018 could be themed to The Joker, like the RMC at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. It would not be the best option since the park has two other Joker rides, but this is Six Flags!
  4. I'll visit my home park, Kings Dominion, for either its Passholder Preview Night or opening day on March 25th! I may possibly visit Six Flags Great Adventure this spring and will probably make a trip to Busch Gardens Williamsburg this summer.
  5. I'm lucky to have Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens Williamsburg as my two home parks! Kings Dominion: 1. Intiminator 305 2. Dominator 3. Flight of Fear 4. Volcano: The Blast Coaster 5. Rebel Yell 6. Grizzly 7. Backlot Stunt Coaster 8. Avalanche 9. Anaconda 10. Woodstalk Express (Scooby Doo) 11. Richochet 12. Great Pumpkin Coaster (Taxi Jam) Busch Gardens Williamsburg: 1. Apollo's Chariot 2. Verbolten 3. Alpengeist 4. Griffon 5. Loch Ness Monster 6. Grover's Alpine Express *(Tempesto and InvadR will change my rankings.)
  6. I think that you just take the difference between the gold price and the Platinum price. Thanks for letting me know! Helped a lot!
  7. Sorry to get off topic, but does anyone know how much it costs to upgrade from a Gold Season Pass to Platinum? I currently own a Gold Season Pass @Kings Dominion, but I'm planning on visting Kings Island, the sister park!
  8. I once saw the regular line shorter than the Fast Lane line for Windseeker!
  9. What'd Hurler ever do to you? It's true, some rides do unpleasant things to people. However, some here seem to become blinded to any attributes of a ride and just give up. If you're on a park-hopping marathon, that's often the way to go, but if you're stuck mostly going to your local park I can't see giving up that easily. Fact is though, hurler even at its most vicious never hurt me much, while 4 other rides at the park have. Grizzly and Rebel Yell were terrible in 2008; I actually swore off RY for 2 months before coming back and learning what to do. I'll give 'em one thing this year though: they've been racing Rebel Yell every day, all day from what I've seen. It really is twice the coaster when they get it just right. I've seen only one side operating on Rebel Yell a couple times this year, but they've definitely raced both sides much more often lately! However, I'm really disappointed that they haven't been lighting up the classic chasing lights, which returned for KD's 40th anniversary in 2014!
  10. Kᗪ Golden Years has stated that they created this as an April Fools joke with no affiliation with Kings ᗪominion.
  11. This actually wasn't a rollback, the train didn't have enough speed to reach the first hill. We were luckily only there for about 20 minutes and all the lights were turned on.
  12. Rode Flight of Fear today and the launch failed, so our train was stuck at ground level right before the first hill/cobra roll. The ride operators and maintenance crew pushed our train backwards into the station for us to exit. They let us stay in front of the line once we exited, so I hopped back on and it worked fine. I had to wait for it to test a few cycles.
  13. Rebel Yell is one of the best coasters at Kings Dominion! It's smooth, fun, and full of airtime hills. It's amazing how it races and lines up with the midway of Candy Apple Grove!
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