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Phantasialand Discussion Thread

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I am not sure about the rest of the coaster world, but

this has definitely become The Mystery Coaster

to me, of everything I have seen, recently.



And that's an Awesome Thing!

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Nothing beats Saturday track work. Also yesterday and today some supports have were placed.



This asks for a update of the top view.

Track placed:


Orange: Brakes, storage, station, turn before and the first launch.

Yellow: All the track after the second launch.

Red: the second launch and all that comes after that.

Pink: Placed track we still can't fit in the whole picture.

Green: Tunnel. (No track (yet))



Very color has the same meaning as of the picture above this one.

Light blue: Track that hasn't been placed yet but supports that are placed suggest this.

Bigger picture:

Let's face it the first picture is kind off a unreadable (and will be more when time progress), so here is it on clear white background.


I enhanced the exact same lines 200% and added black lining to the side so we can see the crosses better.

Yellow: Station and the first part of the ride.

Light purple: Second part of the ride and Brakes.

Beige: The placed track that hasn't been connected yet.

Dark gray: Storage.

I also added the tunnel that green part.

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I may have sounded obnoxious in that post, but I had some speculation and some layout deductions. I believe i'm about correct, but you never know, though this has led to me thinking that it will have no inversions, but then again it doesn't need inversions to be amazing. Then again I have no idea, and your right I don't work at Intamin or have ridden it, I think nothing is official until we see the trackwork finished. Hope that clears that up!

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"This ride is twisty!" v.2 Does anybody like how the ride looks covered in the protection?


It's so sexy that it has to stay protected.


Anyone else find it weird how there are just random supports clinging to the track?

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